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Makeup Revolution are dropping new releases left, right and centre this month! The same time as I ordered the Flawless 4 I spotted the new Ultra Cool Glow highlight palette on the RevolutionBeauty website and as it is made for paler people, I just had to snap it up. They also have the Pro Glow and Pro Glow 2 for a range of skin tones but as I’m so pale, I can usually only use a couple of pans from large palettes. Luckily, this one I can get away with all of the highlights in the Ultra Cool Glow!


The palette retails for Β£8 and contains 8 pans of cool-toned highlights with a variety of colours and finishes. The shades don’t have names but as you can tell, there’s some really interesting shades to experiment with which I will get into with more detail in the swatches below!


  • Shade One: A duo-chrome off-white to purple-blue (think unicorns or holographic makeup). This was quite chunky as you might be able to tell from the swatch but when applied with a brush it was fine. It wasn’t the most pigmented but was definitely interesting!
  • Shade Two: A girly pink. This was a standard pinky glowy highlighter and wasn’t that pigmented but was really nice for a medium glow.
  • Shade Three: A duo chrome purple to blue. Similar to the first shade but with a bright purple base instead of off-white. Again, not very pigmented but due to the colour you wouldn’t want it to be!
  • Shade Four: A gold shimmery highlight. This was slightly too dark for my skintone but would be gorgeous on olive beauties. It reminds me of Golden Lights by Makeup Revolution but slightly deeper and more glittery.
  • Shade Five: A mint green with gold micro glitters. Probably the most interesting colour in the palette! It doesn’t apply green to the face and instead looks like a pale gold but it is still pretty, if not very glowy.
  • Shade Six: A rose gold. I thought this would be too dark but although it looks quite dark in the pan, it’s invisible on the skin if applied lightly. It’s probably the second most pigmented colour and would also suit slightly darker skin tones as well. You can also put this on the eye lid for a glowy eye look.
  • Shade Seven: A frosty lilac. I thought this might be similar to Makeup Obsession’s Moon highlighter but unfortunately it wasn’t! It’s a similar colour but doesn’t have the same formula or pigmentation. It’s still pretty and would be useful if you wanted a less blinding version of Moon (for the nose or cupids bow for example).
  • Shade Eight: A muted silver. This is the most blinding out of the whole palette but still isn’t as bright as other highlights, like Makeup Obsession’s Moon. The non-duo-chrome highlights are all more shimmery or glittery finishes rather than metallic so don’t have the most glow but still look lovely on the skin.

If you want to purchase this palette, you can do so on which ships worldwide, or it’ll be in Superdrug stores and online too. International retailers will also be getting the palette in October!

If you want to see these highlights used on my face (all of them at the same time on different parts of my face!) then watch the YouTube video below. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it.

What do you think of the palette? Do you want to see more reviews of other makeup? (Hopefully you do as I have two more reviews coming in the next few days).



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