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If you follow me on Insta or YouTube, you’ll have definitely seen that I was invited to the Revolution birthday event in London. It was a truly brilliant night (despite the blisters on my toes) but probably most exciting was the launch of the new Revolution Pro range! This new brand to the Revolution Beauty range is a replacement of the discontinued Freedom brand (don’t worry, they still have the Brow Pomade). I knew I just had to grab a whole bunch of it to test out. I didn’t get the entire range, but I did get quite a lot to review. This post is more of an overview but the Full Face Testing video will be linked at the bottom.

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revolution pro

You can see the full range of Revolution Pro makeup on and (and it’s launching in-store next week), but the items I didn’t buy are:

Lip palettes (continued from the Freedom range), 4K Highlighter palettes, Refill Highlighter/Contour/Eyeshadow packs, Priming Oil, Eye Primer, Setting Sprays, Matte Lip Pigments, Brushes, Magnetic palettes (continued from the Freedom range), Loose Finishing Powder, Lipstick Collections (continued from the Freedom range), Liquid Liner, Brow Pomade (continued from the Freedom range), and Concealer palettes (continued from the Freedom range). Obviously there are other shades of items I did get (e.g. foundation and eyeshadow palettes) that you can get as well.


revolution pro makeup review - foundation and primers

So many primers to choose from in the Revolution Pro range! I chose a correcting one – the Radiant cool pink version, mostly because I prefer a glowy base, but also because it’s pink. The primers are £7 each, which is a little more than I would have thought but (hopefully) worth it! There’s also an under-eye hydrating primer as well, which is perfect for those of us with dry under eyes! If you’d like some glow under your eyes, there’s an illuminating version. Both of these are £5.

There are two new Revolution Pro Foundations – the Foundation Drops and Total Cover Camouflage foundation. I chose shade F1 in both, but they go right up to F18, which is a great shade range for a drugstore brand, especially as the cost is only £7. There are also mixers to use with the Foundation drops, which I picked up in ‘Illuminating’, because I like a glowy finish, but you can choose a lightening, darkening or orange version for £6 each.

There’s one new Revolution Pro concealer to rival the popular Conceal & Define concealer: the Total Cover Camouflage concealer. It comes with 8.5ml of product (so a lot more than the Conceal & Define) and costs £5. Again, I got this in the palest shade: C1.


revolution pro makeup review - powders and lips

There’s a new highlight palette in my life – the Revolution Pro Supreme highlight palette in ‘Ice’ is beautiful! There’s three different variations to choose from, but pale skin beauties will probably prefer this shade, just like me. It’s £6 too, which I think is a decent price for three highlights.

I chose the Revolution Pro Pressed Powder rather than the loose version, as it’s what I prefer but it’s nice to have the choice. For £5, the setting powder has a mirror and a transparent finish on the skin. I would definitely use a soft brush to apply this, or even a sponge as it didn’t seem to work well with a large, denser brush like I usually use.

If you like to prep and prime your lips, this is the perfect tool: the Revolution Pro Lip Prime & Perfect Lip Primer (£4) helps stop your lipstick bleeding and also provides a lip balm-esque base for your lipstick to sit on, helping moisturise and nourish your lips under your makeup.

I went for a normal Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick rather than a matte liquid lipstick as I find them easier to use, and there are 30 shades to choose from! I went for Perception, which is a hot pink, but I would look at swatches in YouTube videos or blog posts before buying as the ones on the Revolution Beauty website looks quite different.


revolution pro makeup review eyes and brows

I couldn’t help myself; I bought three eyshadow palettes! Two of them are from the Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends range – Mischief Mattes and Azure – and one of them is from the more compact Supreme range – Intoxication. I will be doing a separate review of the Regeneration palettes on my YouTube channel, but they cost £8 each and contain 18 shimmer, matte and marble shadows. There’s a number to choose from! The Supreme palettes contain 8 shimmer and matte shadows and there are also a few to choose from for £6 each.

For brows, I immediately went for the Revolution Pro Microblading Eyebrow pencil as I’m a huge fan of tiny precise brow pencils for making my brows look fairly natural. It has a spoolie on one end and a tiny push-up pencil on the other and is really good for drawing on ‘hairs’ in your brows. It’s £4! There’s also the Brow Cushion for £5 – a Korean Beauty-inspired cushion of brow product that you squish with a brush and apply to your brows. Very easy to use in concept and a fun new way of doing your eyebrows.

I’m excited about this new Revolution Pro brand. I think they could do some amazing things and I’m excited to see what the future brings!

If you’d like to see how these products performed on my skin, make sure you watch the video below and subscribe so you can see the eyeshadow palette review on Sunday!



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