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After the highly successful launch of the Conceal & Define concealer, Revolution brought out the Conceal & Define foundation in 24 shades. It retails for £9 in Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty, and launched alongside a supersize version of the concealer, which is £7 for 13ml (the smaller concealer is £4 for 4ml). I have shade F1 (the second palest shade after 0.5) and I’ll be swatching it compared to the concealers and other foundations as well as reviewing the foundation itself today!

Links are affiliated but all opinions are 100% my own. All products were bought myself.

conceal and define foundation applicator

For your £9 you get 23ml of product, which is slightly less than the standard 30ml you usually find with foundations, but that is because the applicator of the foundation takes up some room. Much like the Shape Tape foundation, there is a large doe foot applicator, which people either love or hate. For makeup artists and the germophobes, this kind of applicator is unhygienic. For the average user, it’s quick and simple to use. One dip in the foundation (which is in a glass bottle) covers around one third of your face, depending on how much coverage you wish to achieve.

conceal and define foundation f1

The coverage is buildable, so you can go from a sheer veil to a full coverage finish. The formula is lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of product on your face, even if you go in with a couple of layers. It builds and blends nicely and works beautifully with the Conceal & Define concealer. It dries down demi-matte; not completely mattified as there’s a little bit of shine to the skin, but it definitely has the look of a matte foundation. I think the most similar foundation I’ve tried to this one is the Maybelline 24hr Superstay.

conceal and define foundation f1

The problems I had with the foundation are minor. It did cling to a few pores and weird patches around my nose, and the baby hairs around my mouth and between my brows (monobrow and moustache!) but that may just be a Holly issue, rather than a foundation issue. I think with a pore-filling primer – or a better skincare routine – and a face razor it would be fine.  It powdered down well and lasted such a long time on my skin. It wasn’t ever sticky or wet-feeling; it did dry down nicely. After 8 hours of wear it had only just started to go oily around my nose (I have an oily T-Zone).


Here is the foundation swatched against the ConceAl & Define concealers. As you can see, the foundation oxidised very slightly. F1 started off matching C1 (neutral understones), but ended up drying down to a more neutral version of C2, which has yellow undertones. C3/F3 and C0.5/F0.5 has pink undertones. Even though it did oxidise on my hand, I didn’t notice a colour difference on my skin, but I did powder almost straight away.


Here is the Conceal & define foundation in F1 swatched against other popular foundations. It isn’t the fairest nor darkest I own, but does seem to match me really well. It definitely has a neutral undertone and matches me really well, whereas a lot of my foundations are pink toned and don’t seem quite right.

So, in conclusion, this is a great foundation for me. Obviously, everyone’s skin is different and if you have problem skin you may come across some issues, but for combination skin with no real major problems, it’s perfect. You can buy it from Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty!

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