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I ordered these brushes from eBay for £6.99 and they finally came today (2 weeks later) so I thought I’d review them in case you’re thinking about getting some cheap brushes online! They are listed as being silver with white bristles but I actually like the ones I received better!

These remind me of a lot of the Real Techniques Metals brushes, but these are very plasticky and have no real weight to them, which is a bad point to note if you like a little weight to your brushes. They look great, though! The gold is gorgeous and the pink and white bristles are cute.

The bristles themselves feel really soft and not spiky like a lot of cheap brushes, so I was excited about putting them on my face!


From left to right in the picture above, we have an angled contour brush, a powder brush, an eyeliner/eyebrow brush, a blending brush, a dense flat brush, a powder brush and a stippling brush.

Let’s talk about the brushes individually. Brush #1 was quite stiff and so it made blending out my contour a little more difficult, so I used Brush #7 to blend out, which worked so well. I will probably stick to Brush #7 or use both for doing contouring.

Brush #2 was a little big for baking under my eyes and it didn’t apply my powder all over my face very easily so I will probably use it for blush instead (which is what I also did) – it applied the blush a lot better.

Brush #3 made my eyebrows look really soft and natural (I used eyebrow pomade) so I will definitely use that over my other eyebrow brush, which is quite spiky. It seemed a shame to dip it in the pomade and ruin the white bristles!

Brush #4 is a little too dense for blending but it does pack on colour to the outer corner pretty well; you then have to go in with a softer brush to blend it out.

Brush #5 is what I used to put the shimmer shade on my lid and it did it really well. It’s a thick brush so you could probably use it for other things as well, like nose contour, brow highlight, shadow underneath the eye or even concealer.

Brush #6 is a large powder brush and feels quite ‘generic’ whereas the other brushes feel quite unique. It’s soft so won’t put on your bronzer too harshly which is good but does have the ‘cheap’ feel to it.

What do you think of these brushes? Bargain or not worth it?

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