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Towards the end of 2017, NYX launched six new element-inspired palettes and lipstick collections: Earth, Metal, Fire, Air, Water and Wind. These are limited edition and are currently sold-out (besides the odd few), but the rest are discounted. Usually I don’t review makeup that’s no longer available to buy, but I received the NYX Earth palette as a Christmas present and wanted to share my thoughts on whether it was worth the £25 it retailed for, considering it was significantly more pricey than other NYX palettes. (By the way, you can get NYX from Boots if you’re in the UK)


nyx earth review

The In Your Element palettes retailed for £25 each, which caused a little bit of uproar in the beauty community, considering NYX is a drugstore brand which generally retails their palettes for £16 or less. The NYX Earth palette consists of 8 matte and 4 shimmer shades, which works out to be just over £2 per shade, which is 50p-£1 per shade more than a standard drugstore palette. Makeup lovers were left wondering whether NYX were attempting to step out of the drugstore and become more of a mid-range brand, but this transition hardly ever goes well. Anyway, let’s look at the palette in itself and forget about the pricing for a second.


nyx in your element earth palette swatches nyx earth

The palette swatches faily well as a whole; most shades feel very soft and swatched pigmentedly (that’s not a word…), however there were a couple of sheer or patchy shades, i.e. the pale peach matte, the grey-brown matte and the deep green matte. I have yet to come across a deep green that swatches well, so I think it’s probably one of those tricky-to-formulate shades. These are one-swipe swatches so they can be built up and made to look more pigmented fairly easily, but this is a true representation of the shades as they first swatch.


nyx earth review

This first look was done fairly quickly and didn’t quite go to plan. The shades don’t have names so I’m labeling them 1-9 from left to right. I used #1 all over the lid to set my eye primer. #3 was a transition shade and #4 went in the crease. #12 I put all over the lid and then #5 was hastily added onto the centre of the lid. Whilst blending, I found that the deep green was the only shade I struggled with – it did go well eventually but I had to work hard! I kept my look pretty sheer as it was that kind of day, but I made up for it in the second look…

nyx earth review

For the second look I went less ‘everyday’ and more fun. I used all the pinks and the purple in the palette to create a subtle halo eye. Everything blended out easily and the shades were nice and pigmented.


The NYX Earth palette is definitely an interesting-looking palette. It has Subculture vibes – although it isn’t a dupe – and I enjoy the colour selection. Some of the shades don’t work as well as I had hoped for a £25 palette. It’s not bad by any means, however, and I enjoy using the palette for both everyday and more dramatic looks. If you’d like an alternative that costs a lot less (plus is still available to buy), the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Mint palette is very similar and only £8.99! Check out the review here to have a look.


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