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Yet another TAMBeauty product to review! This time it’s the My Sign Collection in my star sign, Scorpio.

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This mini set is from Superdrug or TAMBeauty for £8 total (£5 for the wheel and £3 for the lipgloss; you buy separately if you want to mix and match) and is available in all star signs. You also get a horoscope for 2017 in the box, which is nice whether you believe in horoscopes or not! Personally I don’t believe in star signs, but I like to read horoscopes anyway.


In the eye wheel you get a primer (next to the powders so it might get a bit icky…), highlight, two brow powders and three shimmer eyeshadows. You can’t really do a whole eye look with this very easily, but somehow I managed it! All of the powders are really pigmented and the highlight is surprisingly good, with a gold tinge to it. The primer is a bit oily, so awesome for dry lids but not as great for already-oily lids. The gloss is thick and pigmented, not sticky, but does slide around quite a lot. Personally I don’t think it complements the eye wheel colours very well at all.

scorpio demo.jpg

For this look I used both brow powders on my eyebrows. They were really pigmented and easy to use and quite a good colour for me. I then used the lighter brow powder as my transition shade (after using the eye primer and setting with powder) which didn’t blend that well but worked out in the end. I then smoked it out with the darkest eyeshadow, which was black with purple shimmers. This was really pigmented and also difficult to blend well. I then put the purple shimmer on my lid, pink shimmer on my lower lash line and highlight on the inner corners and cheekbones.

The lipgloss basically blends in with my skin and could possibly look nice with a natural look if I could deal with lipglosses but I really don’t like gloss! To me it looks like everyone’s lips in 2008.

I do like the premise of these collections and the pigmentation, but it’s not my favourite thing from TAMBeauty!



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