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Makeup Revolution have knocked it out of the park with the third Flawless palette (or sixth if you count the Matte versions and Beyond Flawless). As soon as I saw it in Superdrug (or you can get it from TAMBeauty) I knew I had to have it. The warmth of the palette and the shade names instantly reminded me of the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills… but is it a dupe? Here’s swatches, review and a demo of the palette so you can make up your own mind.

The palette is in the same format as Makeup Revolution’s other 32-pan palettes, with smallish circular pans, sturdy plastic packaging and a large mirror. However, unlike the other palettes in the range, the Flawless 3 has a rose gold lid, making it look more luxe and on-trend.


This palette consists of 32 eyeshadows – 22 mattes and 10 shimmer or metallic. I was immediately drawn to the warm shadows on the bottom two rows as always (I do love a bit of warmth) and the shades look remarkably similar to the Modern Renaissance at a fraction of the price. I’d much rather spend £8, personally!

As with the previous Flawless palettes, the Flawless 3: Resurrection palette has a pretty neutral colour scheme but dares to be be trendy and approach the warmer end of the spectrum with oranges, browns and pinks. I like how the palette is mostly mattes; it makes it so much more versatile. Too many shimmers would mean a lot less looks for my personal preferences and that exact issue has put me off using the other Flawless palettes.



  1. Resurrection: matte white
  2. Rebirth: matte off-white
  3. Contact: matte pale apricot
  4. Revival: matte pale taupe
  5. Renewal: matte gold-mustard
  6. Return: matte warm pink-brown
  7. Restore: matte pink-toned mushroom
  8. Past: matte cool-toned mushroom



  1. New Birth: matte pale peachy pink
  2. Revitalise: pale pink shimmer with silver micro glitters
  3. Recovery: yellow gold shimmer
  4. Regeneration: warm gold with a metallic finish
  5. Reawaken: rose gold with a metallic finish
  6. New Dawn: bronze gold shimmer
  7. Reactivate: pale rose gold with a metallic finish
  8. Comeback: mid-broown with a satin finish



  1. Reappear: matte taupe
  2. Resurgence: matte mid-brown
  3. Triumph: matte rust-brown
  4. Back: matte darker rust-brown
  5. Reincarnation: matte light brown
  6. Time: grey-toned light brown with a satin finish
  7. Recharge: chocolate brown with pink glitters
  8. Reanimation: matte deep taupe 



  1. The: matte lilac
  2. Makeup: matte nude-lilac
  3. Story: matte deep rust-orange
  4. Based: matte red-brown
  5. On: matte magenta
  6. Believing: matte red-pink
  7. In: matte dark chocolate brown
  8. The Renaissance: matte mid-grey

The shadows swatched beautifully with just one swipe and the shimmers were a lot more intense when applied using a wet brush (you can use Fix+ or a similar product to dampen your brush). There were a couple of matte shadows that needed a couple of swipes instead of just one, but that’s often the case with mattes anyway. I love the warmness (I know, I keep repeating myself) and the golden-pink shimmers the most from the palette and I feel like I could create so many looks with every single shade. It’s stunning.

I created one look (from many) from the pink shadows in the palette but there’s so much versatility and room for creativity! They blended out so easily, were beautifully pigmented and soft and the shimmers I used on my lid were gorgeous. Overall, it’s such an easy-to-work-with, high quality palette which you definitely need to buy if the colours are your thing.  You can get it from Superdrug for just £8 or as I mentioned before, from TAMBeauty for the same price!

If you want to see me do a demo of a different look using the palette as well as some live swatches, you can have a watch of my review below. Subscribe if you enjoy it!

Let me know what you thought of the palette below!


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