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This is one of Makeup Revolution’s early palettes from 2014 but I’ve only just picked it up so thought I’d review it on here for you!

This palette drew me in because of all the different and unusual variety of colours. There isn’t only one colour theme (such as in their Flawless palette); the thing that ties this palette together is the gorgeous shimmers, which can only be expected from a palette called Eyes Like Angels! Here’s the palette a little closer up:


As you can see, the palette consists of 32 shadows, with the majority being shimmery (some with more of a metallic or satin finish) and a couple being matte. There’s also one or two with a duo-chrome effect! Here’s the swatches and individual shade reviews.


  1. Black Stars – deep grey shimmer, slightly powdery
  2. Green Dream – deep indigo with subtle shimmer and satin finish
  3. Peach Dream – peach matte with a tiny amount of subtle shimmer
  4. Orchid – royal blue with satin finish
  5. Sophisticated Pink – deep rose with satin finish
  6. Dream – baby pink with silvery duo chrome effect
  7. Pink Glow – frosty pale pink shimmer
  8. Peacock Dream – purple with silver shimmers


  1. Silver Star – warm, gun-metal silver shimmer
  2. Emerald Night – deep emerald green shimmer
  3. Lilac Shimmer – unsurprisingly, a pale lilac with metallic finish
  4. Purpled – a pinky-purple with satin finish
  5. Cream – an off-white matte with subtle shimmer
  6. Pink – matte bright neon pink
  7. Lilac Frost – Lilac shimmer
  8. Award – Dark gold with metallic finish


  1. Pearl Necklace – cream colour with golden duo chrome effect
  2. Night Stars – lavender-blue with purple shimmers
  3. Blue Sheen – a sky blue shimmer that comes out fairly sheer
  4. Pink Frosted – fuchsia pink with metallic finish
  5. Moss – a moss green with satin finish
  6. Molten Chocolate – chocolate brown with gold shimmers and satin finish
  7. Choc – chocolate brown with satin finish, slightly sheer
  8. Green Stars – deep green matte with gold shimmers


  1. Green Envy – pearlescent mermaid green
  2. Copper Dream – bright copper with metallic finish
  3. Bold Purple – a matte mid-purple with very subtle shimmers
  4. White Light – frosty white shimmer
  5. Orange – orange with satin finish
  6. Aqua Dream – bright aqua blue with satin finish
  7. Truffle – copper brown with satin finish
  8. Silver Dream – silver with metallic finish

All of the shadows swatched brilliantly; there was only fall-out on two of the shadows and there were only two sheer shadows (and one of them had ‘sheen’ as their name!) I’m actually surprised by the pigment; this swatches like a high-end palette. I love the different finishes on each shadow and the variety of shades.

Unless you don’t mind shimmer in the crease, you probably would have to pair this palette with another for an everyday look, but these shadows are all workable if you don’t mind that, and look amazing on the lid or for a pop of colour on the lower lash line.


For this look I used a shade from Makeup Revolution’s Flawless 3 Palette for my crease (there will be a review on here soon, or you can see my review on youtube here) and Bold Purple from this palette, Purpled in the outer corner, Sophisticated Pink on the lid and Dream on the inner corners and browbone.

Overall, if you love your shimmer eyeshadows you’ll LOVE this palette. Best of all, it’s just £8! You can get it from TAMBeauty, which ships worldwide from the UK.

What do you think of the swatches? Let me know and give me some ideas of looks I can do with the palette!



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