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Fairly recent additions to Maybelline’s (and my) makeup collection are the Superstay 24hr Foundation and new shades of their classic Fit Me concealer. I picked up the shade 05 Light Beige in the foundation for £9.99 and the shade 05 in the concealer for £5.99.

A full coverage foundation for a tenner is always going to grab my attention, especially since it’s been getting rave reviews on YouTube. The Superstay aspect of the foundation is also a big plus point for me. I have an oily T-Zone which often means my foundation lifts off and goes patchy after a few hours, but this one claims to last up to 24hours! I won’t be wearing it for a full day (the all-nighters have definitely past)

I’ve tried the Maybelline Fit Me concealer before, in its previous lightest shade (015). I liked the formula but the shade was very deep on me so I had to pass it on, so when I saw Maybelline had added a paler shade, I grabbed it straight away!

maybelline superstay 24hr foundation & maybelline fit me concealer review

The Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation claims to be full coverage, with a finish that doesn’t shift or fade all day. It also is supposed to feel lightweight despite the concentrated pigment and doesn’t clog pores, as it is completely oil-free. It has the standard 30ml and the shade I chose (05 Light Beige) is the palest pink-toned shade. There is a lighter shade that is more neutral-yellow (03) but my skin is fairly pink.

The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer claims to be mattifying and seamless once blended into the skin, unifying skintone and disguising dark circles. It doesn’t say anything about the coverage, but does say it hides dark circles and imperfections. I have the newest palest shade 05, which is a neutral shade and there is 6.8ml of product in the tube, which is pretty standard compared to other drugstore concealers.

maybelline fit me concealer shade 05 swatchmaybelline superstay 24hr foundation 05 light beige swatch

The Fit Me concealer definitely pulls more yellow than neutral compared to my very pink skin, but it is a lot paler than the previous palest shade of the range. The formula feels quite thin – as you can see, it’s definitely not a full coverage concealer in the swatch – but seems to be quite smooth to apply with the small doe-foot applicator.

The Superstay 24hr foundation does look quite dark in the swatch, but it applied very smoothly and wasn’t too thick (which is often the case with matte foundations) or too thin. The swatch oxidised slightly when I left it for five minutes, but not so much that I think it would be noticeable on the skin once other makeup is applied on top.

maybelline superstay foundation 05

I used a Real Techniques sponge to apply both the foundation and concealer. The Superstay foundation applied nicely but I wouldn’t say it’s completely full coverage – I had to add an extra layer to my cheeks, where my redness is and there’s still some hints of red peeking through. I also found that the foundation clung to the ‘peach fuzz’ hair on my face, making it look a little more obvious and not as ‘flawless’ as advertised. The foundation did oxidise very slightly, but not enough that it looked too dark for my skin, once I’d applied the rest of my makeup. I just had to make sure I blended down my neck completely.

The Fit Me concealer was a little bit of a let down. It blended out beautifully, but it left slightly yellow patches under my eyes where I have texture and didn’t give me any coverage whatsoever. My dark circles are still very much there and although the colour was fine, it still wasn’t quite light enough for my skintone, especially as it wasn’t pink-toned. It would be a nice concealer for a more natural look, as long as the yellow patchiness didn’t reoccur (I’ll be trying it with a different foundation).

maybelline superstay maybelline fit me concealer 05

With the rest of my makeup on, the foundation and concealer looks nice, but you can still see the dark circles under my eyes. I wouldn’t say my skin looked flawless – my skin is quite textured, red and I have a few breakouts – but I don’t dislike the finish. It didn’t pick up on dry patches on my face.

After 10 hours, my foundation still looked the same! It had worn off in some places because of normal wear and tear (e.g. my chin from eating and resting it on my hand) but my skin wasn’t oily at all in my T-Zone, whereas usually my nose, chin and forehead are very oily and foundation will go patchy and lift off in those areas. I’m impressed with the longevity! The concealer had worn off a little and my mascara had transferred slightly to my under-eyes, which doesn’t usually happen. However it didn’t crease at all once I had powdered, which is a common problem with thicker concealers.

maybelline superstay foundation and fit me concealer

I think my final thoughts are quite obvious from this post, but I’m not a fan of the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I’ve heard so many people comparing it to the NARS Creamy concealer but I don’t think it has any coverage at all and leaves strange patches of yellow behind. I’ll test it out again with other foundations, but I’m not impressed.

The Superstay foundation I like a bit more! Although it isn’t perfect, it has good coverage and a nice finish and I’m astounded by the fact my skin didn’t feel oily at the end of the day! It’s definitely worth a purchase unless you have very dry skin (or a very hairy face).

What do you think? See the foundation in action in the video below!

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