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This palette dropped out of nowhere on the 6th September, surprising most of us considering the Flawless 3 released not too long ago. Considering the Flawless 3 is one of my favourite palettes of all time, I was very excited about it’s new sister and managed to order it from just 11 minutes after it dropped. I feel like I haven’t done a palette review in quite a while on and I’m excited to do one again!

flawless 4 palette inside

Like the previous Flawless palettes, the Flawless 4 retails for £8 on and will be coming to Superdrug online and international retailers in the coming couple of weeks. Of course, TAMBeauty does ship worldwide, but if you’re more of a swatch-in-store makeup buyer, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have long to wait.

The palette consists of 32 matte and shimmer shadows, with 18 mattes and 14 shimmers. I like the balance of mattes and shimmers in this one – the first two Flawless palettes had too many shimmers, and the Flawless 3 didn’t have enough colour variety of shimmer shadows, whereas this one seems to have plenty!

Let’s look closer at the swatches!

makeup revolution flawless 4 swatches

  • Statement: matte white – swatches well for white and is good for a matte highlight
  • Bloom: pale champagne shimmer – nice highlight shade or great as a topper
  • Hotter: apricot-gold shimmer – beautiful colour on top of a matte or on its own
  • Muted: bronze-gold shimmer – so pigmented! Absolutely gorgeous on the lid
  • Cardinal: rose-gold shimmer – possibly my favourite shimmer shade. Beautiful!
  • Palette Whistle: pinky-copper shimmer – a really interesting shade!
  • Control: bronze-brown shimmer – would be lovely in a halo eye or on the lid
  • Spin: deep brown shimmer – it’s nice to see some deeper shimmers this time!

makeup revolution flawless 4 swatches

  • Dahlia: matte beige – I’ll be using this to set my eye primer and create a base
  • Blush: matte blush pink – this doesn’t swatch as well and feels quite dry 
  • Bittersweet: matte magenta-pink – surprisingly pigmented and smooth
  • Glowing: matte magenta – needs building up but a really pretty colour
  • Down Boy: matte dusky pink – one of my favourite matte shades. Stunning!
  • Candle: warm orange-brown – very pigmented and reminds me of the 90s
  • Cerise: matte light brown – goes well with Candle and is a ‘baby poo’ colour
  • Garnet: matte pink-toned brown – a very pretty colour for transition

makeup revolution flawless 4 swatches

  • Sunday: matte very pale pink – can be used to set pink-toned lids or as a highlight
  • On Top: matte bright red-coral – this looks almost neon when swatched!
  • Baby: matte strawberry pink – a really interesting, beautiful colour
  • Hair Down: matte pink-brown – a deeper version of Garnet; so pretty
  • Drop: deep warm brown – a more pigmented and deeper version of Candle
  • Hold Me: matte mauve-brown – still warm-toned but with a mauve undertone
  • Ouch: matte taupe – this is my perfect transition shade (and perfect contour colour)
  • Blend: matte black – this is the most pigmented black I’ve EVER used

makeup revolution flawless 4 swatches

  • Kisses: white shimmer – not very pigmented but good for inner corner or a topper
  • Pastel: peach shimmer – also quite sheer but again good for a shadow topper
  • Crimson: brown-pink shimmer – I love the shift from brown to pink in this
  • Not Today: bright pink-purple shimmer – such a bright, beautiful shimmer colour
  • Rock Me: grey-purple shimmer – another shadow with a shift to it! Very interesting
  • Dense: copper-pink shimmer – another interesting shade but absolutely gorgeous
  • Burn It: matte neutral brown – quite a deep brown, perfect for the outer corner
  • Work It: brown shimmer – this sort-of has a shift to pink and is SO pigmented

This palette is beautiful. I love the warm browns and pinks, which we saw in the Flawless 3 but in this palette we have so many more tones. I like the inclusion of a black, which can be used on its own or to deepen any of the shades in the palette – this is especially useful for those beauties with deeper skin tones. Most of the shadows are pigmented but the ones that aren’t can easily be built up.  There’s so much more variety in the shimmer shadows than the Flawless 3 as well, which means there’s a lot more scope for different looks using the palette.

Speaking of looks, here’s one I created with the palette. I stayed pretty neutral on the lid, using the shade Statement as a matte browbone highlight, Ouch and Hold Me in the crease, Burn It on the outer corner and Hotter on the lid. I then picked up Bittersweet and Glowing and used those on my lower lashline to add a pop of colour to an otherwise basic look. Finally, I used Bloom on my inner corner.

I reviewed this palette on my YouTube channel if you want to see my first impressions and how I did my eye look! The link is below and don’t forget to subscribe if you liked it! I also have a review of the previous palette in the Flawless series on my blog.

If you want to buy the palette, you can do so here (ships worldwide) for £8 and honestly, I really do recommend picking it up. It’s a stunning palette that works so well and I have fallen completely in love with it. Makeup Revolution has knocked it out of the park yet again.



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