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Makeup Revolution recently brought out two Epic palettes and I knew I had to get my hands on at least one as soon as it was released.

I chose the Epic Day palette and it consists of 10 matte and shimmer shadows alongside 4 highlight pans. The Day palette has lighter shades and has a more neutral feel which is why I chose it over the Night palette; I tend to gravitate towards browns and neutrals! There are a mix of browns and the highlights suit paler skin, so if you have deeper skin than me, the Night palette would probably suit you better as it has bronze highlights and darker/brighter eyeshadows.


The Epic palettes are great for travelling, as they have shadows and highlights together and for just Β£6, it’s not going to break the bank either. If you want to pick one up for yourself, both of them are on (ships worldwide) and Superdrug (UK and Ireland).


The first highlight is matte with just some subtle micro-glitters in it, so it would be nice for a glowy base for eyeshadow, a semi-matte browbone highlight or just as a really subtle highlight.

The second highlight is shimmery and a peachy pink-gold. It’s very pretty but not blinding, so better for over the brows, cupids bow and bridge of the nose.

The third is lilac and didn’t swatch brilliantly but it almost has a duo-chrome finish so in the light it looksΒ veryΒ purple and it’s actually a little too intense for me.

The last highlight is very similar (if not the same) as Makeup Obsession’s ‘Moon’ highlight. It’s absolutely blinding and is silver with a pale purple shift to it. Stunning!


The shadows don’t have names which is a shame but it’s not a deal-breaker.

  • beige matte: good for a base for eyeshadow
  • pale pink matte: a good base for pink-toned skin or to correct blue eyelids
  • pinky taupe shimmer: nice for lid and inner corner
  • taupe brown shimmer: another nice one for the lid
  • matte light taupe: perfect for transition
  • matte mid-brown: great for the crease
  • dark brown with maroon micro-glitters: good for the outer corner
  • mid-grey shimmer: another one for the outer corner


Here’s the palette in use on my face! I used highlight #4 on my cheekbones, highlight #2 on my brow bone and inner corners, highlight #3 on my cupids bow and above my brows and highlight #1 on my nose.

I used the matte beige as a base, taupe as transition, mid-brown in the crease, dark brown/maroon shimmer on the outer corner and taupe brown shimmer on the lid.

The dark brown with maroon glitters blended out to a grey-brown and the maroon wasn’t visible which was a bit disappointing but the rest of the shadows I used worked well. The rest of the shadows were lovely, especially the matte taupe and mid-brown which looked so beautiful in texture on my eyes. I ended up with a neutral day look on my eyes but my highlight was out of this world.

I think for Β£6 you can’t really go wrong. I would have liked a more reddish colour instead of the grey but I think it’s nice overall and the highlights are nice, especially the Moon-esque one. You can get it from TAMBeauty or Superdrug!

Let me know what you thought of the palette! If you want to see a full live swatch, demo and review, you can watch the review of this on YouTube!



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