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Revolution’s latest ‘mega launch’ was their concealer range, which comes in 18 shades (now 25, with expansion to 50 happening in 2019) with a range of undertones for just £4 per tube. It’s been dubbed a Shape Tape dupe by many who’ve tested it, but what are my thoughts? Well, read on…

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer

The Conceal & Define concealer launch was at 9.30am on Wednesday 3rd January, but I was refreshing the site from around 9.05am, ready to grab the palest shades before they inevitably sold out. When they did appear on the site, I managed to grab C1, C2 and C3, because I didn’t know what the undertones would be. They later updated the product descriptions to include the undertone information, but not until I’d ordered a yellow-toned concealer that I didn’t need! As I said, each concealer was £4 and ships to the UK for just under £3 delivery, or free when you spend £15 in an order, which is easily done! You can also get them from, which has free delivery for Beautycard holders when you spend £10.

These are the 18 shades currently available, but according to the brand owner’s personal Instagram, there will be more shades added in the future. I really hope a couple of paler shades are released (including a white) [they did, it’s C0] and some deeper and medium shades for the ‘in-between’ skin tones that aren’t completely covered in the current shade range. But I do have to applaud the 18 shades already released – what other drugstore brand (or even high-end brand) has released 18 concealer shades on launch?

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer shape tape dupe

The wand applicator is a very large doe-foot, which I absolutely love – it’s the basis of the Shape Tape dupe rumours due to the similar wands – as it applies the concealer so quickly and easily in one quick swipe. The down side to this, however, is that it means there is a lot of space in the tube taken up by the large wand and the whole tube only has 3.4ml inside of it, which is the same size as the samples I’ve received from other brands. My other concealers are all 7-9ml each, meaning the Revolution has less than half the amount as a standard concealer. That’s the major negative point I have with this concealer. [update: they now have a 13ml tube for £7 which is better value]

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer swatches hand

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer swatches jawline

These are the shades C1, C2 and C3 (l-r) on my hand and jawline. As you can probably tell straight away, C1 is neutral, C2 is yellow-toned and C3 is pink-toned. It’s great that they’ve included a range of undertones as everyone’s skintone is so different. The formula feels very thick – this was just a little swipe of the wand – and very high coverage from just the swatch alone. It dried on my hand very quickly so you’ll have to work fast in order for it to blend out nicely. I have to say, although C1 and C3 will work for me once blended out (I’m neutral-pink toned), I would have liked C1 to be even paler as it doesn’t highlight my under eyes at all and is too dark for me if I don’t wear foundation. A white or almost-white concealer is on my wishlist!

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer coverage tattoo

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer coverage tattoo

This is the C1 concealer swatched and then blended over a black tattoo to show you what the coverage is like over the darkest parts of my skin. As you can see, it covers really well – especially for a £4 concealer – and although you can see the lines through it slightly, this is just with one swipe and no foundation, so it really would be full coverage if you added an extra layer underneath.

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer on the face

I’m aware that it’s difficult to tell how concealer behaves on the skin and how it even looks in a photo, so I’ve included a video below where I review the concealer fully, do a wear test and you can see how it applies as I’m applying it. If you don’t want to watch that (it’s okay), I’ll summarise: it dries down very quickly, is almost full coverage – even covering spots really well – and doesn’t look cakey whatsoever. As I said earlier, it is a little too dark for highlighting my under eyes like I so desperately want. [update: I now use C0.5 to highlight under my eyes]

My final thoughts before I link the video, then. It’s an excellent concealer. A great shade range and brilliant formula all for £4. My only gripes is the teeny, tiny amount of product you get, and the fact I am ghostly white and need a paler shade. But it’s 100% worth it.



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