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This was a surprise release! I wasn’t expecting another chocolate palette from I Heart Revolution for another month at least, but here we are – the Violet Chocolate palette is the newest palette in the popular chocolate range, retailing at £8.99 from Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty. As always with my reviews, expect swatches and an eye look as well as my thoughts!

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i heart revolution violet chocolate palette

As the name might suggest, the Violet palette is purple-themed, with a sprinkling of neutrals to go with them. There is 1.2g of product per pan which is pretty standard.

As with the previous chocolate palette (Nudes’ see the review here), there are 18 shades, each with shade names below them – not on a separate plastic sheet like the old layout. In this particular palette there are 10 purple-toned shades and 8 neutrals, mostly cool but a couple of warm tones. Likewise, there are a mixture of warm and cool-toned purples to pair with the neutrals. I am really digging the purples – I know there’s a few different palettes that have recently released with purples (Desert Dusk, Blood Sugar…) so it’s definitely on-trend. I don’t think this palette is a dupe of anything, though.


i heart revolution violet chocolate swatches
l-r: Prevail, Past Time, Levity, Conjure, Idolize, Amethyst, Vitalize, Wine, Revive
i heart revolution violet chocolate swatches
r-l: Cultivate, Violaceous, Praise, Desired, Vaudeville, Curfew, Mulberry, Foresaken, Expedite

Everything in the Violet palette seemed to swatch very nicely, minus a couple of shades that needed building up a little (ie Levity and Wine). I was a little concerned with Desire, as it looks a little patchy. However, purples are notoriously difficult to formulate, so I’m pretty impressed with how good the swatches actually are, all things considered.

Of course, swatches mean nothing and it’s all about how they perform on the eyes! See the video at the end of this post for live swatches and a tutorial.


i heart revolution violet chocolate EYE LOOK

For my eye look, I decided to do my usual half cut crease, but without actually cutting the crease with concealer. For the transition area I took Levity, which did need building up a lot to get the pigment I wanted, but blended really nicely. I then chose Mulberry for the crease, which also blended nicely. On the outer corner I picked Expedite. To ‘cut the crease’ I sprayed my brush with a little of the new I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray (in the Vanilla & Coconut scent) and pressed the shade Amethyst onto the lid. It’s quite a crumbly shadow so it wasn’t as precise as I would usually like, but it was definitely quicker! I then used a little bit of Praise on the outer corner and blended it into Expedite again. On the lower lashline I used a light layer of Levity, Mulberry and Expedite. On the inner corners and browbone, I used Prevail which is a satin-finish eyeshadow, so less glowy than I’d usually use.


I heart revolution violet chocolate

I love this palette. Even though a couple of the shades maybe don’t look as pigmented, the Violet palette is overall, lovely. I love all the purples, the neutrals are unique as well; it all just works. I definitely recommend picking it up if you can – it’s £8.99 from Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty!

Click the image below to watch the video

i heart revolution violet chocolate


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