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Revolution are churning out palette after palette lately (not a complaint, bring them on!) and the latest in the Chocolate range from I Heart Revolution is the Chocolate Elixir palette. Consisting of the same format and style as the previous additions, the Chocolate Elixir palette has 12 matte shades and 4 shimmers and costs £8.99.


As you might have been able to tell straight away, the Chocolate Elixir palette is a dupe of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance. This isn’t the first Revolution palette to dupe the cult classic palette; the Revolution Flawless 3 and New-trals vs Neutrals have very similar shades, but none have been direct dupes like this one. I don’t actually own the Modern Renaissance palette, but I do have the W7 Delicious palette to compare it to, which is also a dupe.

Screenshot (103).png

row one l-r: Chestnut, Latte, Sweet, Bubblegum, Candy, Creme Brulee, Icing, Coconut
row two l-r: Pink Icing, Roasted, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Sugar, Hot Tea, Carrot Cake, Vanilla

The formula of the Elixir palette feels the same as the previous chocolate palettes in the range; some mattes do need more building up than others and it doesn’t feel as smooth as some other Revolution Beauty palettes (the Life on the Dance Floor palettes have set the bar high!), but it’s not any worse than others. I love the colour selection – I do enjoy a good dupe as I’m too poor to buy the real deal – but if we were to look at this palette without comparison, I do appreciate the warmness to it and the colour range is very pretty.

Despite my enjoyment of the palette, I’m not very excited. If you’ve read my review of the Mint Chocolate palette, you would have gathered that I was thrilled for a new colour selection and thought perhaps each new palette would be more unique than the last. So, although I do like this palette and will be using it frequently, I’m not raving about it as much as the previous one. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before from the brand and definitely not something new in the cosmetics industry right now.


This is the quick look I created with the Chocolate Elixir palette. I used the shade Coconut all over my lid, Pumpkin and Latte as a transition and in the upper crease, Chestnut on the lower crease, Carrot Cake all over the lid and Creme Brulee as an inner corner and browbone highlight.

The shadows performed as I expected them too; they blended out without too much work but did require a little building up to get them to the pigmentation I wanted. This isn’t an issue with me as I can just keep building up the layers of shadow and blending it out, but for those who want a super quick and easy yet pigmented look, this might not be your favourite palette to use. There are a few different looks you can do, but not loads as the palette centres around the warmth of the orange-browns and, of course, those magenta-pinks.

1 (4).png

Here’s a comparison of the shades in the Modern Renaissance to the Chocolate Elixir palette so you can see how it’s a dupe. The colours are similar but the Modern Renaissance looks a lot more vibrant. The Chocolate Elixir is definitely more vibrant in person than in the pictures online, but not quite as bright as the Anastasia palette.

Will you be picking this palette up? Check out the review below for a tutorial and live swatches (don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it)!



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