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I think I have an addiction to these palettes. They’re gorgeous, though, so I’m totally okay with that. Read on for my full review, swatches and demo!

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The Pink Fizz palette came out at the end of 2015, so I feel like I’m a little behind on this one, but it’s still a beautiful palette that makes me feel like popping open a glass of champers and celebrating with friends. I love the colours together in this one; it’s almost pastel-looking, but it also has some darker colours towards the centre of the palette to pair them with, including a dark blue.

The large mirror is certainly a plus-point and, as always, the melted chocolate packaging is stunning. You also get shade names on the plastic sheet inside the palette, but I wish they could be written on the actual palette because I ALWAYS lose it.

The palette comes with 13 shimmer and 3 matte shades, which is something to consider if you prefer a wider range of mattes. I do feel like you could do a whole look with this, but if you wanted to do something different than a brown smokey eye with a pop of colour on the lid you may have to pick up another palette. I would have appreciated a pink matte shade and perhaps a grey. However the theme of the palette is pink champagne, so what can you expect?  Anyway, let’s swatch this beauty.


Champers – matte off-white. Difficult to see on my arm but it’s a perfect base for the rest of the shadows if you’re pale like me.
Drink – matte beigey-taupe. A good light transition colour for pale skin but would probably not work as well for darker skin tones.
Flute – baby pink shimmer with silver undertones.
Sparkling – shimmery pale lilac with silver undertones.
Toast – coral pink with a satin finish. Really easy to build up!
Bubbles – silvery white with a pearl finish. Pretty for the inner corner and brow bone.
Girl – dusty pink shimmer. Such an ‘in’ colour at the moment!
Party – rusty orange with a satin finish. Really interesting colour, but so pretty.
Elegant – deep rose-gold with subtle shimmer. Another trendy colour.
Celebrate – baby blue shimmer. Not something I have in my collection already!
Truffle – chocolate bronze with gold and burgundy shimmer.
Rosy – sheer pink shimmer. This has an odd texture and is more like an overlay of colour to add subtle pink sparkle.
Cork – taupe bronze with a satin finish. So pigmented!
Pop – matte chocolate brown, the only shade which could be used to smoke the outer corner or crease out (unless you use shimmer all over, in which case I applaud you!).
France – grey-navy with purple undertones shimmer. Doesn’t come across as blue as it looks in the pan.
Pink Fizz – a pink shimmer, similar to Rosy but more pigmented. It’s a little bit crumbly but still pretty.

Some of the shadows required some extra work to get lots pigment out of, but for a palette where each shadow costs 44p (or 88p for the larger two) you aren’t going to be expecting perfection. The shadows do feel soft and were easy to use, but would require a primer and lots of blending in application.

Overall this is a pretty palette, but could do with some more mattes in my opinion! You can buy this palette for £7.99 on TAMBeauty or Superdrug online (or in some Superdrug stores). If you like some light shimmer shades and some interesting colours (like Party and Celebrate!)

Let me know what you think of the palette and whether you’d like to see a MOTD with this palette or not!



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