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I’m only 3 palettes away from owning all of the I♥Makeup Chocolate palettes. I may have a problem.

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The packaging holding this shadows is completely black and like the other I♥Makeup chocolate palettes, is shaped like a semi-melted chocolate bar. It’s a very sturdy-feeling palette with a large mirror, making it handy for travelling.


As always, the Chocolate Vice palette was 16 matte and shimmer shadows, with 2 being larger than the other 14. The shadows at first glance look beautiful together and of course I was drawn to the warm shades in the bottom row especially! I seem to have a million palettes with the same warm browns and pinks now… but I’m totally okay with that.


  1. Vice: white-gold shimmer; good for browbone
  2. Sway: creamy beige matte; good for a base for pale skin
  3. Satisfy: beige shimmer; nice and subtle
  4. Require: rose gold with peachy tones shimmer, great for spring
  5. Convert: neutral light brown matte; perfect for transition


  1. Treat: cool-toned dark brown matte; good for the crease
  2. Habit: true warm gold shimmer; classic lid colour
  3. Persuade: copper shimmer; another lovely lid colour
  4. Need: cool-toned brown matte; another great transition colour
  5. Crave: dark brown with purple shimmers; something different!
  6. Lust: grey-black with grey shimmer; perfect for a smokey eye


  1. Reason: pale peachy-pink golden shimmer; brightens up your eyes!
  2. Must: darker warm-toned peachy matte; obviously a firm favourite
  3. Maleficent: rusty warm-toned brown matte; so on-trend
  4. Fancy: rosy pink blush silky matte; beautiful colour
  5. Appeal: milky white matte; good for a matte highlight or base


I did something fairly neutral using the palette for an everyday look, but there are lots of more exciting looks you could do! I used Sway as a base, Convert as transition, Need in the crease, Maleficent in the outer corner, Persuade on the lid and Vice on the inner corner and brow bone.

Some of the matte shades need building up a lot to get pigment, like Must and Convert whilst others are nicely pigmented with just one swipe. The shimmer shadows are gorgeous and look beautiful both swatched and on the eye. I think for £8 you’re getting decent quality shadows that look nice on the eye with not too much work!

If you want to buy this palette for yourself, you can do so on which ships worldwide, or Superdrug if you’re in the UK and Ireland. Let me know what you think!



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