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Summer breeze, make me feel fine! Nope, not just serenading you – Summer Breeze is the official name of the ELF Cosmetics Mad For Matte 2 palette. The first Mad For Matte palette was full of neutral nude tones, but this one definitely has a lot more warmth to it – hence the name. In this review I’ll be swatching and applying the palette to my eyes and giving you my opinion. Is it worth the money? You decide!

elf mad for matte 2 summer breeze palette review

If you’re reading this from the UK, you can get the Elf Mad for Matte 2 (AKA Summer Breeze) palette in Superdrug for £10 (buy it here! affiliated). That’s £1 per shade, as there are 10 mattes in this palette. Unsurprisingly, there are no shimmers in this palette, just mattes. For someone who loves mattes, like me, that’s great! For those who need a shimmer or two in a look, you might want to grab another palette to use with this one.

The shade range isn’t groundbreaking; we’ve had penty of warm-toned palettes with oranges, nudes and even purples in before. However the shade range is… nice! I think you could create a really neutral look, a darker, more glam look or something in between with the palette. The purple next to the orange towards the right half of the palette makes me think of the Morphe 35B, so this could potentially be a dupe or a cheaper alternative.

elf mad for matte 2 summer breeze palette review swatches

Here are the swatches! There are no shade names which makes it more difficult for tutorials (you’ll know the struggle if you’re a YouTuber). I think everything swatched really nicely! The only ‘dud’ shade I found was the purple, which felt dry under my finger compared to the creamy-feeling other shades. It also swatched badly, becoming patchy and needing a lot of building up to be as pigmented as the other shades. The nude shades on the left of the palette seemed quite similar to each other; it would have been nice to see a little more variety – maybe a deeper brown or red instead?

elf mad for matte 2 summer breeze palette review tutorial

On my eyes, I used the cream colour all over the lid, the palest beige as a transition, the purple on the outer corner and the orange on the lid. The beige shade I used was very pigmented and easy to use/blend. It looked very silky on the skin and not patchy whatsoever. The orange was the same, blending beautifully. However, when I used the purple shade, it was very patchy, not very pigmented and struggled to blend. However, I feel like this is the only shade in the palette that doesn’t work well. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for other looks with this palette!

So. My final thoughts. The Elf Mad for Matte 2 is a pretty palette, it’s not something brand new in terms of colouring, but would be a quick and easy palette to pick up for an everyday look (except that purple) because of the neutral colours and small size. It’s not necessarily something I’d recommend you go and buy straight away, but the formula of most of the shades are rather nice. If you do want to pick it up, though, you can do so from Superdrug for £10.



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