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Me and Morphe have fallen out, big time. So, when I was browsing on AliExpress and came across this palette from Beauty Glazed for around £8, I knew it was a must-have! Coincidentally, the palette is called Must-Have. If you hadn’t guessed it, the palette is a dupe for the Morphe 39A, just with a much lower price tag and less of the shady business.

morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have

morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have ingredients

The palette is cruelty-free, as is the whole brand but I am unsure if it is vegan or not. The ingredients are on the back of the sturdy cardboard packaging to check. The palette doesn’t have a mirror, but does have magnets to keep the palette closed and feels like a high-quality design.


morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have swatches morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have swatches

morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have swatches morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have swatches morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have swatches

These are the swatches of the Beauty Glazed Must-Have palette, row by row. As you can see, the majority of the mattes swatch beautifully, with some needing a little more work, just like most palettes in existence. The shimmers are soft and although not amazingly metallic, they seem to place down on the skin nicely, even without a base. There are 22 mattes and 13 shimmers which is a good ratio. I appreciate all the transition shades, but it would have been nice to have a pink-toned transition, a taupe and a grey as well, rather than just shades of brown.


Eye look using the Morphe 39a Dupe - beauty glazed must-have palette

For this look I used the lightest transition shade, both matte greens (lighter one in the crease and darker on the outer corner), the green shimmer on the centre of the lid and then the gold shimmer (next to the greens) on the inner portion of the eye. I ran the transition colour under the eyes, but not the greens to keep the eye more open. Everything was very pigmented and fairly easy to use. The green shimmer needed building up and isn’t as reflective as the gold, but it still works, as you can see. I’m very impressed with what I used!


The Morphe 39A contains 39 shadows (around 1.7g), with a row of larger pans in the middle (around 3g). The Must-Have palette contains 35 shadows and has the standard pan size throughout of 1.2g each. The palette itself is also smaller than Morphe’s; the 39A is rather large, which makes it a little inconvenient to store. Below is the shades that are not included in the Beauty Glazed dupe. Neither palette has shade names on the palette itself, but Morphe’s does have a plastic sheet with shade names on, which Beauty Glazed lacks.

morphe 39a vs beauty glazed must-have

I always find that the Morphe shimmers are more impressive than the mattes, and the 39A probably does better than the Must-Haves palette in that respect. However, Morphe’s mattes are always pretty average, and the Beauty Glazed ones seem to be as good as any other Morphe ones I’ve tried, if not better.

I don’t think the colours are exactly the same in the Beauty Glazed palette, but they’re pretty similar and it’s a good alternative for those who are on a bit of a budget or who don’t want to support Morphe like me. You can get this palette on AliExpress, here.

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