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For Christmas, my husband bought me three new Anastasia Beverley Hills palettes – Norvina, Modern Renaissance and Sultry. As Sultry is the newest (limited edition?) palette, I thought it was only right that I reviewed it in case anyone is debating whether to get it before they can’t buy it anymore.

As always with my reviews, I’ll be doing swatches and an eye look with the palette and talking about my honest opinions.

Links are affiliated but opinions are my own.

abh sultry review - outside packaging

This palette retails for £46, (you can find it on Beauty Bay) which is very slightly more expensive than the others. I haven’t heard an exact reason for this, but I’m guessing it’s because of the packaging – this time the outside packaging isn’t velvety like the others. The palette is glittery (not the scratchy, fall-off-everywhere kind) and the font has changed from the standard. I’m assuming this is because it was the limited edition holiday palette and not the style that future palettes will adhere to.

abh sultry review - inside the palette
abh sultry review - brush

Inside, the palette seems the same as all of the rest – 14 matte and metallic shades that follow a specific theme. The theme for Sultry is obviously cooler-toned neutrals, something I have been waiting for after so many warm neutral palettes from every brand. I know a lot of people called Sultry boring, or a bit strange (I have to admit, the pink did throw me for a second), but this is exactly what we needed – something different.

We also get a double-ended brush, with a shader and a blender. I personally don’t like the blending end that much!

abh sultry review - swatches

As you’d expect from a £46 palette, the shades swatch beautifully. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the ABH formula, so I feel like I may already be slightly bias in my review, but I think the image above speaks for itself.

The shades in this palette don’t look fun or unique on their own, but put together I can already form so many different looks in my mind. It’ll be such a useful palette – I can count the cool-toned palette I own on one hand. I’m obsessed with ‘Cyber’. I love silvers, but this one is more like a silvery taupe, and I am here for it.

abh sultry review - eye look

This is the eye look I created with the palette the first time I played with it. I usually don’t do my best work with palettes the first go, as I’m just getting used to the formula and the shades and the way they work, but I think I’ve done just fine this time! Probably because I’ve played with Prism and Soft Glam so many times.

For this look I used Twig and Birch in the crease, Dystopian in the outer corner, Cinder on the lid, Pearl on the browbone and Bloom on the inner corner (with a little Pearl on top). On the lower lashline I used Twig, Birch and Dystopian again.

abh sultry review - back of the palette

I know. £46 is so expensive. I probably wouldn’t have bought this palette for myself, purely because £46 is about a quarter of my income for the month, so it’s not a feasible purchase for me. But if you have a little bit more of a budget, or you want to splurge on something special, this is a good one to go for. If you love cool neutrals, or if you need a cooler palette to mix in with your sea of warmth, or even if you just want to collect all of the ABH palettes like me, Sultry is beautiful. I’m so glad I have it.

You can find this palette on Beauty Bay.

2 thoughts on “ABH SULTRY REVIEW”

  • I think this palette looks pretty, but I prefer to have more mattes and less shimmers in a palette so perhaps this one isn’t for me as there seem to be a lot of shimmers. I love the quality of ABH shadows though, you really cannot go wrong with them. I have Modern Renaissance & Prism x


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