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Soft Glam is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ latest palette in their popular line-up. Modern Renaissance was the first in the series which was the palette to have – and probably still is – followed by Subculture (an internet disaster), Prism (meh) and now Soft Glam. Soft Glam has returned to the original formula which fans of the Modern Renaissance will be pleased to hear! The palette was inspired by Anastasia herself and her love of neutrals, which is why the palette contains soft nudes as well as some deeper ‘glam’ neutrals. But is it worth the £42 (buy here from Beauty Bay – affiliated)? Well, let’s find out…


abh soft glam review

The ABH Soft Glam palette contains 14 eyeshadows – 9 of which are matte and the rest shimmers – mostly all within the warmer spectrum of colours. As I mentioned, the palette is full of neutrals, yet has enough deeper colours that means you can easily take your look from day to night. The softer colours would definitely work well for wedding makeup as well as an everyday look.

Each pan contains almost 0.8g of product in, which is significantly less than, say the I Heart Revolution palettes (which have 1.22g per pan), but these shadows will be a lot more pigmented and therefore you won’t need to use as much product. It works out to around £3.07 per pan if you pay full price for the palette.

The palette is cruelty-free, but is not vegan/vegetarian as it contains Carmine (crushed beetles) in at least one shadow. If you are looking for a cheaper, vegan alternative, the I Heart Revolution Nudes palette is a semi-dupe!


abh soft glam swatches

l-r: Tempera, Glistening, Orange Soda, Rose Pink, Sultry, Bronze, Mulberry, Dusty Rose, Fairy, Burnt Orange, Sienna, Rustic, Cyprus Umber, Noir

If you already own – or have seen – the Modern Renaissance palette, you might see some familiar shades in the Soft Glam palette. There are doubles in this one – Tempera, Cyprus Umber and Burnt Orange as well as shades that could be considered fairly similar. Therefore if you have the Modern Renaissance, I wouldn’t bother picking up Soft Glam unless you’re a collector, or those are your absolute favourite shades. I am quite disappointed in the duplicate shades, despite not owning Modern Renaissance. In my opinion, a palette within the same collection as another should be different and not the same. Even if shades were similar rather than literally the same it would be better! But that’s just me, you may not mind.

The swatches themselves were good; all needed just one swipe and the shadows felt soft and creamy to the touch. I do think that mattes perform better on the eyes than in swatches, whereas shimmers generally look their best when applied with a finger. I did expect the swatches to be groundbreakingly pigmented and beautiful, but I was mildly impressed at most. However, I tend to hold judgement until I put things on my eyes.


abh soft glam eye look warm smokey eye gold tutorial cut crease

This isn’t my greatest work – the inner part really needs touching up, but I have never used a palette this pigmented before and was feeling slightly overwhelmed! Everything blended well (the darker colours were trickier, but did blend eventually) and the shimmers were so soft and pigmeted when pressed on the eye with a brush. The lighter colours blended themselves! I am so impressed with the quality; I just need some more practice. Because of how this palette performs, I don’t recommend a beginner picks this palette up. You definitely need to have a certain level of skill before you try this!

Here’s how I created this look: Orange Soda in the transition area, followed by Burnt Orange. Sienna and Rustic in the crease, Mulberry and Cyprus Umber (a little difficult to blend) in the outer corner, followed by a tiny bit of Noir. Noir was very pigmented and you only need the tiniest amount. On the lower lashline I used the same shades in a gradient. I cut the crease using Revolution concealer and placed Glistening and Rose Pink on the lid and inner corner.

I do love the quality of this palette and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys their neutral warm shades. You can hear some more thoughts in my video review below! Pick up the palette from Beauty Bay.

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  • I got this palette too and I haven’t got the time yet to play around with it. I just did some simple everyday looks with it, so that’s why I loved to see your video. So I could get some inspo on what to create with it! Thanks a lot! xo


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