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Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette

I recently got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar as a birthday gift, so I thought – why not compare it to the I Heart Makeup version that’s £31 cheaper?!

This was a video on youtube originally but I thought it would make a good blog post as well. In the video I review, swatch and demo each palette (one eye with each palette) so you can see a true comparison. If you’d like to watch that, click here to visit my youtube channel! It’s also at the bottom of the post.



Here are the palettes side-by side. As you can see, they look INCREDIBLY similar and have identical layouts except for the first two colours, which have been swapped around (I’m guessing for legal reasons…). On closer inspection, a couple of the shades are slightly different; a little brighter in the Too Faced palette. Edit: I’m not sure if the Too Faced palette is actually real, as I haven’t asked how much my parents paid for the palette and where they got it from, but even if it is a fake, it’s still a comparison of palettes around the same price, I guess!

Let’s swatch. Excuse my hairy arms, I have way too many tattoos for swatches!




As you can see, the I Heart Makeup shades are so pigmented but have a lot of fallout. The Too Faced ones have less pigmentation on some shades but have less fallout. It’s surprising that the ‘high end’ palette is less pigmented! There are also some differences in colour, most noticeably the purple in the third row!

Here’s the makeup look I created – I Heart Makeup on the left and Too Faced on the right. I found the Too Faced palette harder to work with but I prefer the big highlight shade and the pink-gold shimmer on the second row to the cheaper palette.

sorry for the pose – I was posing for the thumbnail!

I think I actually prefer the I Heart Chocolate palette best! Which is shocking, because it’s £8, but it’s so pigmented and blends so easily. What do you guys think? Watch the video below, where I talk in more detail and you can see me creating the eye look:


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