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My mum gifted this palette to me after I had surgery and it’s so cute I just had to review it! This is my first The Balm product but I would really like some more…


The palette comes with 9 shades – three matte and six shimmer. The palette has this cute flip-down section which spells the pans out as ‘eat your heart out’ which is sooo sweet and matches the quirky packaging, which is based on a restaurant menu. Luckily you can flip this down to get to the pans easier!

The shades are as follows:

Bruce Shetta – a pinky cream matte
Mac Encheese – a dark lavender matte
Ray Sinbread – a cool-toned muted brown matte
Tate R. Tots – a cool-toned rose-gold shimmer
Rock Road-Icecream – dark lavender shimmer with brown-grey undertones
Chris P. Bacon – a bright burnt orange shimmer
Hal Apeno-Poppers – a light taupe with very slight shimmer (looks matte)
Artie Chokedip – a muted medium blue-grey with slight shimmer (looks matte)
Alfred O’Pasta – a deep blue-grey shimmer


I found the shadows really easy to swatch but quite difficult to blend on the eye. They weren’t very pigmented and required a lot of work, but looked nice in the end. The shimmers were better applied with a finger.

What did you think of the palette? If you have any palette recommendations please let me know because I collect them and love to write reviews on them! If you’ve seen a palette in my collection (click here to see my entire collection) that you want me to review, let me know and I’ll definitely do that!

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  1. I’ve heard this isn’t one of the best offerings from The Balm, I have the Meet Matt(e) Hughes Palette and love it, it blends so easily & the colours in it are gorgeous. But I’m tempted by this cause it’s so cute.

      1. It’s a pity when companies like this are inconsistent in their formula’s. I’ve seen it as well with Too Faced. And it’s not like this brands are cheap! I expect it more from drugstore brands but oddly enough they are the ones who have upped their games!