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Makeup Revolution Ultimate Blush, Light & Contour | Review

This massive palette is another one of Makeup Revolution’s ‘Ultimate’ palettes and like their other palettes, they are SLAYING it! I got this from TAMBeauty for £10. Let’s review it!


You get 32 big pans in this palette, which work out to be 31p each. Where else are you going to find a big pan of blush, contour or highlight for 31p?!

In this palette you get 8 highlights, 16 blushes and 8 contour shades. Some of the shades are shimmers and some are matte, so depending on your mood you can create something super matte, super glowy or a mixture of both. You get a big selection of hues as well! Let’s swatch it.

As I said, you get a big selection of colours. I prefer peachy blushes personally, so some of them will be a bit pink, but even if you were only to use 5 shades out of this entire palette, it’s still only £2 per pan! I can’t get over how much of a bargain this palette is. I LOVE MAKEUP REVOLUTION (not a #spon but I would die to be a Makeup Revolution affiliate or get sponsored. Honestly. Fave brand). I probably won’t use the shimmery blushes or contour shades, as I’m definitely more of a matte girl.

I find these blushes, highlights and contours to be so blendable and not too subtle or too pigmented, making it really easy to work with.

My rating: 8/10

SO cheap for what you get and a huge range of colours! But the contour and some of the blushes are maybe not the best for pale skin.

What do you think of this palette? It’s HUGE so you can’t really travel with it, but it’s a nice one to add to your collection if you like lots of choice.


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