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PS Strobe Crayons, Lip Crayons & Lip Liners | Review

Part two of my Primark Makeup reviews (expect one each month until at least April, btw) is here! This time it’s all about the crayons and pencils. The Strobe Crayons, Velvet Matte Lip Crayons and the Lipliners to be exact.


Let’s start with the highlighters. You get three in a set with a free sharpener (handy!) all for £3. Bargain. You get one pink-toned one called Rose, one gold-toned one called Golden and one silver-toned one called Sand. They’re a decent size and are quite chubby, meaning it won’t be a tiny thin line on your face, but is still small enough to highlight the small details.


Here they are swatched on my hand. They give a nice glow and glide on really easily. I think that these would be PERFECT for your brow bone, bridge of your nose and cupids bow – places that don’t need a large area of highlight as I feel like it might be difficult to highlight cheekbones with such a smallish line.

On my face, (sorry for the close-up) they look like this. I applied Golden to my brow bone, Sand to my nose and cupids bow and Rose to my cheekbones. Sand feels a lot more dramatic than the other two. They are quite metallic, so if you’re more into glowy or glitter highlights then these might not be for you.

Rose on my cheekbones was a huge fail. Obviously you can’t see well here but it didn’t blend out at all with a sponge or brush and when I used my fingers in attempt to blend it went gloopy and messed up the foundation underneath it. That could have been the foundation’s fault as well, though. However Golden also didnt blend out well on my brow – Sand seems to be the only workable one.

My rating: 5/10

Super cheap and Sand is PERFECT for small areas, but not quite good enough for cheekbones or anywhere that needs blending out. They’re quite chunky and don’t work over powder.


Velvet Matte Lip Crayons next! I have two – the shade Hustle and the shade Brown. Hustle is a pinky brown, and Brown is, well, brown. They’re a good size and were only £2 each! I feel like they’ll last a long time.


These are the swatches. They went on soooo creamy. I don’t think they dried completely though, which is odd for a matte lipstick, so I think I’ll have to be careful about it transferring.

This is what they look like on my lips after a few minutes, so I think this is as ‘dry’ as it gets. They do go on easily and feel really moisturising but I don’t think I’d call them ‘matte’, really. They do transfer and aren’t matte-looking to me, so you will need to top up throughout the day and after eating.

My rating: 7/10

I really do like these lip crayons! They feel really nice on my lips but I was expecting them to dry down matte and not transfer. Unfortunately not!


Finally, the lipliners. I have the shades Vamp and Brown. Weirdly, Brown is a slightly different brown to the lip crayon version. It would have been nice for it to match! Vamp is a red-purple colour that will be perfect for my winter lipsticks, as I tend to wear lots of red and purple shades over this season. These lipliners are £1 each!


These are the swatches. They went on so easily and pigmented which is usually UNHEARD OF for £1 lipsticks – usually they’re spiky and don’t do anything when they’re that cheap. But these are brilliant!

These are the lipliners on my lips without lipstick. I think they’re really nice colours and provide a decent base for a lipstick but also look nice enough on their own!

My rating: 9/10

My only qualm is that they rub off really easily so I feel like they wouldn’t last very long on my lips, but at £1 I’m really not complaining!

Hope you enjoyed the review. I have so much more Primark makeup to show you. I did a full face of Primark makeup these week; the video will be up on my youtube channel (click here to subscribe) on the 10th.


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