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Welcome to part five of my Primark Makeup Review series! In this part we’re looking at the matte lipstick, loose mineral powder and eyebrow gels.


First up for review is the Matte lipstick. These lippies are just £2 and come with a little tinted lip balm in the bottom like some other lipsticks. I’m still not sure why this is! I have the shade ‘Obsessed’, which is a purpley plum colour. Plus point, the lipstick smells like a scented candle!


This is what it looks like on my hand next to the lip balm. It does feel quite drying and also doesn’t last too long but I like the colour. It also doesn’t apply very easily as it’s matte and drags your lips, but it’s a decent lipstick for £2.


Next is the Loose Face Powder. This powder is in the shade ‘light’ and is a good match for my pale skin if applied liberally (it looks a lot darker than it actually is in the picture!). It was just £2 and is mineral-based so it feels soft on your skin.


This is an old picture, but I’ve used the powder in it! It provides some coverage but not too much but does have a lot of fallout. The sifter is a bit annoying to use but you can make it work! It set my foundation and concealer really well.


Lastly are the two brow gels. One is brown and one is clear (obviously) and they were £1 each. I can’t really say too much about the clear gel other than the fact that the spoolie is a little bit too big to do the smaller parts of your brows. The photo showing the Loose Powder is also showcasing the brow gels! I found the brown gel to be gloopy and not good at all, it dried patchy and again the spoolie was too big to be precise.

What did you think of this month’s Primark makeup products? I’ve got SO MUCH more stuff to show you! If you want to see a full face with Primark makeup, I have two videos on my channel, which is!



  1. These look good, I’m always a bit confused by the lip balm and lipstick things but I guess it means you get 2 products in one. I keep seeing all these primary makeup posts and they never have it near me, i wish they sold things online, I’d probably buy so much then though so this way my purse is safer lol.

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand before but you definitely made it work! Lovely shots, really pretty even if it didn’t last long and for the price that’s good, you get what you pay for right?😊 I loveee eyebrow gel!

    1. Primark is a really cheap (but good) clothes shop in the UK but recently they branched out to home and beauty too! They’ve just opened stores in the US as well (finally!) :3