Makeup Review


Welcome to the third installment of my Primark Makeup review series! This month I will be reviewing the PS Foundation Stick, PS Liquid Foundation and PS Pro Mattifying Primer.

foundation stick.jpg

Let’s talk about the stick first. It was £2 and is a screw-up stick foundation. I feel like you don’t get much product for your £2; I’ve used it once and it’s already fairly short!

stick swatch.jpg

It’s not very high coverage and feels – and looks – gritty on my face and hand. The colour is fine, but it blends out really badly and looks awful. Anything you put over the top of it looks bad too! Not a fan.

1/10 – just not good whatsoever

foundation ps.jpg

Next is the liquid foundation which claims to have an oil-free, semi-matte finish. I got the shade porcelain and it was £2.50.

foundation swatgch.jpg

This foundation feels light on my skin and gives me a very blendable, semi-matte finish with medium coverage. I love how it looks on my skin and how it applies! You can even build it up or apply a lighter layer for a natural look.

9/10 – amazing but has an odd plasticky smell

primer ps.jpg

Lastly is the primer. This mattifying primer was in the PS Pro section which meant it was slightly pricier at £5. The packaging is expensive-looking but it’s quite  a small tube for £5.

primer swatch.jpg

The primer is silicone-based but doesn’t have that cheap silicone feel to it like a lot of pore-reducuing, blurring or mattifying primers do. It does feel moisturising and seems to smooth out my skin rather than mattify and look dull.


8/10 – great but the tube seems small


Here’s me with all three products on, with the stick acting as a concealer.

That’s it for this month! What did you think of each product? Bargain or just bad? Let me know!



    1. Honestly some of primark’s stuff is better than my more pricey stuff. They’ve totally upped their game! esp lipliners, lip crayons, liquid foundation and loose powder. Such good stuff!