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If you search for ’35 Eyeshadow Palette’ on eBay, so many unbranded Morphe-esque palettes pop up, including this one. This is an unbranded version of the Morphe 35O and it cost me just £9.99. However, you can get it a lot cheaper if you buy it from China! It contains the same 35 shades, with the same amount of shimmers and mattes as the real thing. But is it any good?

morphe 350=o

The palette was packaged in a cardboard box with bubblewrap inside a postage packet yet it still managed to snap slightly in the corner, cracking one of the eyshadows. This is the same way Morphe package their palettes, too. Luckily it didn’t completely smash so it’s still usable! I’m going to partially blame the Royal Mail for that, but I thought I should warn you that it’s not that sturdy and won’t survive too much bashing.

morphe 35omorphe 350

I don’t have the real palette to compare it to but against the picture, they’re pretty similar. There seems to be a few differences, but the different lighting doesn’t help in comparing! The packaging seems identical as does the colour selection.

In terms of long-lasting wear, the metallic shades don’t have much staying powder if you touch them. When they were on my hand, one light sweep of my fingers blended them out to a shiny sheen. However, I didn’t use any eye primer, so this will help with that. The matte shades were better at staying put the darker the colour was, but this means that the darker colours are a little harder to blend.

morphe 35o
morphe 35o

morphe 35o

morphe 35o

morphe 35o

As you can probably tell, some of the shades are more pigmented than others. Some of the matte shades are quite patchy. But the metallic/shimmer shades were ALL gorgeous and went on so easily. I just wish they lasted longer! The shadows felt quite dry to touch, whereas I prefer a softer, creamy-feeling eyeshadow.

All things considered, I would recommend this palette if you’re on a tight budget  (order from China and it’s under £7) but I don’t believe that it’s on-par with the actual Morphe palette! It has some beautiful shades and the metallics are stunning. There is some debate whether these dupes are made in the same factory as Morphe but we’ll never know for certain.

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