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Yep, another MUR palette review. You know you love it. You know I love it too. This time it’s the Flawless Matte palette, which consists of 32 matte eyeshadows (you can get the mixed palette as well!). The palette is only £8 from TAMBeauty or Superdrug.

MUR Flawless Matte Palette.jpg


The palette is very neutral and has some very similar shades, like all the browny grey-beige, but it’s such a handy palette for an everyday look, especially for travelling. I love the large mirror in the palette! The pans are quite small, but not overly tiny, and it is only £8… See the swatches below!

The shades are as follows:

Row one – Flaw, Nutmeg, Pearl, Matte, Shell, Chrome, Cork, Stone
Row two – Cool, Sand, Fawn, Muse, Warm, Mud, Leather, Smoke
Row three – Antique, Nut, Taupe, Rosewood, Rust, Bear, Olden, Charcoal
Row four – Soft, Oak, Bark, Warm [again], Burnt, Wood, Earth, Carbon

The shadows are all soft and fairly pigmented except for a couple of the lighter shades. There are also loads of similar shades as I mentioned, and especially the bottom two rows – they’re very samey! Lastly, there are two different shadows that are both called ‘warm’, which I thought was quite odd.

There’s nothing that really grabs me in this palette but as I said before, it’s a handy palette for an everyday look or whilst travelling. It’s good for a quick neutral look.

What did you think of the palette? I’m going to try and do an everyday MOTD with it soon, so keep an eye out!


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