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FAKE limecrime velvetines | review

I’ve got a few fake velvetines lippies, mostly because I love the colours but hate the brand (click here to find out why). I thought I’d test and review some of my newest for you! I actually tested the others I have WAY BACK, when the blog and youtube channel were tiny babies. So I won’t link them (cringe) but if you do want to read/watch them, I’m sure you can pretty easily.

Disclaimer: Fakes can be dangerous as there’s no way of knowing what ingredients are in them. If you decide to buy a fake, make sure you swatch it on your skin 24 hours before using it on your lips (just like you would with home hairdye). Luckily I have never had any issue with fakes! 


The packaging is nice and looks pretty legit (but then again, I don’t have a real one to compare it to). All the lipsticks came from China via aliexpress or ebay!


First up is Peacock. I got this because I wanted something different and as it was super cheap from aliexpress I didn’t really mind that I wouldn’t wear it often – or at all. So far I’ve only worn it once: for my Halloween Peacock tutorial (find it here or here) but I’m ready to rock it again!


This is a hand swatch. It’s a gorgeous teal colour and it went on okay, but did push around the product on the second swipe, so I had to dab rather than drag. It dried a little patchy but nothing a second coat couldn’t fix!


This is it on my lips (no filter!). As I thought, it dried patchy so I had to put on a second coat after this picture. Once it dried it was kiss proof and didn’t feel too sticky. It was a little drying so perhaps put a lip balm underneath before you use this. It smelt really nice, which is surprising because usually fakes smell like chemicals.

After eating, it faded slightly but didn’t budge!


A beautiful colour but is a little patchy. I’m also not sure that I’ll wear it often!


Next is Shroom. This was a really popular shade and is a very 90s brown. I really loved it when I got it, but haven’t worn it in a while!


This is the hand swatch. It’s a really true mid-brown. This one didn’t really smell like much! It went on nice and didn’t go patchy like Peacock, but did feel even more drying on my hand so I’m not looking forward to putting it on my lips…


This is Shroom on my lips (no filter again just bad lighting). As I mentioned, it does feel really drying but it did only need one coat which is always awesome. When I compared it to the actual product online, it did seem a lot darker on me so maybe this fake isn’t a great colour match. The awful picture quality makes it look really light, though!

As with Peacock, it didn’t budge after eating but at the end of the day it had faded a bit.


I think I can get more use out of this colour, but it isn’t an exact replica of the real version.


Lastly, Pumpkin! This is a dark rusty orange. I love it! It’s so autumnal.


This is it on my hand. Look at the colour! It’s so gorgeous. I needed to keep dipping the applicator in the tube to apply and it smelt a little weird but I can forgive it because it’s my favourite colour.


This is it on my lips. You might have already seen this on me before – I think I wore it in a couple of videos – and I plan to wear it to death until it’s empty. Like the other colours, this was kissproof and food-proof but did fade and go patchy after a while. It took a little longer to dry than the first two as well. Again, I do recommend a lip balm before using these.


It would have been a ten if I didn’t have to keep dipping the wand in the tube to apply.

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed the review. Make sure to read my disclaimer before deciding to buy a fake. There’s been a lot of horror stories on the internet… Let me know which colour you liked best!