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FAKE kylie lipkit – ginger | review

I recently decided to try a fake lipkit. There’s lots of uncertainty with the fakes as it isn’t possible to know what ingredients are being used. Luckily I haven’t had any sort of reaction but if you do decide to buy a fake, make sure to swatch it on your skin before using it on your lips, just like you’d do with hair dye. I would like a real lipkit but they’re waaaay too expensive, especially with international shipping and the customs charge.

I got the fake lipkit for £2 and it was sent from China. It took about 5 weeks to get here and was a little bashed from its travels! The actual products weren’t damaged at all.

The packaging looks pretty legit! It feels like good quality and I can’t see any immediate faults or differences. Not that I have a real one to compare it to…! The lipstick smells like Creme Soda!


This is the swatches on my hand – liner on the bottom. The liner is sooooo creamy and nice to wear but does smudge easier (but a lot more pigmented and less spiky than most £1 lipliners!). I did notice that the liner and the lipstick seem like totally different colours, which struck me as a little odd. The liquid lipstick itself doesn’t smudge or transfer at all and is a really nice gingery brown. It’s a little darker than I expected but still lovely.


I had a coffee with this lipstick on and it stayed put. After some food the insides had come off but it’s still pretty long-lasting. The swatch of lipstick on my hand lasted for well over two days, even though I scrubbed it pretty hard in the shower so you will definitely have to use makeup remover to get it off!


Pretty good for a fake but it was a little difficult to apply. It  does feel a little sticky and I wish the liner matched a bit better.

Remember that no two fakes are the same. You don’t know what you’re getting and putting on your skin so think very hard before buying and using one!


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