Home + Organisation


It’s undoubtedly Spring now (finally, some sun!) and so it’s time for a spring clean. Here’s my guide on how to spring clean more than just your house!

Make-up (1).jpg

  • delete unused photos from your wordpress media library (go to your dashboard, which you can access at  https://YOURBLOG.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php and click ‘media’. Then filter by ‘unattached’ and delete them!)
  • delete cringeworthy posts that you don’t want on your social media anymore
  • make sure everything is tagged and categorised
  • switch up your themes and branding
  • correct mistakes – broken links, spelling errors, wrong information, etc
  • unfollow inactive accounts and find new ones!
  • create a new schedule
  • try something new – style, type of post, etc

Make-up (2).jpg

  • delete old files – downloads, screenshots, videos, weird photos
  • sort out your file system
  • do a scan for viruses and update programs
  • uninstall unused programs/apps
  • back up your data
  • sort out your favourites/bookmarks on your browser
  • delete old contacts
  • organise your home screen/desktop

Make-up (3).jpg

  • do a makeup declutter
  • wash your brushes and sponges
  • create a skincare routine
  • create a capsule wardrobe
  • try a new style
  • donate or sell old clothes
  • do a ‘shop my stash’
  • try a new makeup look
  • try a new hair product
  • get a haircut/new style

Make-up (4).jpg

  • get rid of toxic people in your life
  • forgive and forget your grudges
  • have a catch-up with the people you miss
  • go on a date
  • delete and block exes/people you used to talk to
  • meet new people

Make-up (5).jpg

  • start a bullet journal, planner or diary
  • have a pamper session – beauty treats and relax!
  • get boring tasks out of the way and celebrate after
  • start a new exercise regime
  • play a favourite game
  • make a list about what you want to achieve and how you can do it
  • learn something new
  • start a new hobby
  • … and have a clear-out and clean of your home/room!

What spring cleaning are you planning to do?