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There’s something about a well-organised desk or office space that excites that little part of my brain labelled ‘productivity’. I’m a fan of organisation, tidiness and, well, things looking nice, but for so long I have been bundled into the front room of the house, which was meant to be a dining room, but housed my makeup, filming equipment, desk, dressing table and bookcase. It never felt like a productive area, and wasn’t decorated at all.

When we bought our home, the first room that needed renovating was my beauty room. We moved it upstairs into the dressing/spare room so I had more space for a proper office area. That’s what I want to show you today! If you haven’t already seen my Beauty Room tour post, you should read that too, as it shows you the rest of the room as a whole.


office tour

I knew I wanted the office area to be clean, bright and light, so I positioned my desk right next to the window, in the alcove that used to be a cupboard. We painted the alcoves white and the curtains are a pale pink (from Argos). The only thing I added to the walls is a noticeboard, but depending on how much ‘stuff’ I accumulate, I may  have to add some wooden or black shelves on the wall too. My desk chair and cushion are both from IKEA, by the way.

office tour desk

The desk itself is actually a solid wooden shelf from Etsy, which we added IKEA legs to. As the window is quite long and close to the wall, I didn’t want a normal-sized desk to get in the way of it, so found a 30cm deep shelf that fit perfectly. It is quite a shallow desk, but it fits well. On top of it I placed some acrylic drawers for my stationary and my PC and laptop.

office tour

On one end, I placed a cheap laptop table from IKEA, but sprayed the top gold to make it look a bit nicer. It also has a cubby to store my wires in, which makes the floor look less messy. I’m keeping the table simple, as I’ll be using it for work that doesn’t involve my laptop – like using my bullet journal – so all I’ve put on it is a candle, which is from Primark. Next to my desk I have a fake bamboo plant, which is from Argos.


office tour - bookcase

Moving over to my bookcase now. I haven’t moved all of my books across, but kept my favourites and the ones I wanted to display. The others are being kept in different storage. As well as books, I’ve got my skincare in there as well, and when my new jewellery stand arrives in the post, I’ll be keeping that in there, too.

office tour - bookcase

The top shelf has my crime/thriller books and a cactus on a plate (both from Primark) on the left, then my skincare in a basket (eBay, sprayed gold by me) on the right. The hanging artificial plant is from IKEA and is probably my favourite thing about the room. There’s something about a hanging plant that I love!

The second shelf has a basket shelf (from IKEA, designed to fit the Kallax units) that has my face masks and cotton pads on, and underneath sits a black wire tray. This is where my jewellery will be going, so the tray is just a placeholder for now. On the right is another basket shelf that has a few ‘interactive’ books on it. Underneath is picture from my wedding and some adult fiction (not erotica… normal fiction. For adults).

office tour - bookcase

The third shelf contains another little cactus on a plate (both from Primark) and my feminism/autobiographical books. There’s a couple of controversial people in there (Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham) – not because I support their actions or words, but because I find it interesting to read about people, whether I agree with them or not. On the right is another eBay basket filled with my body skincare items and a vase from Poundland.

The last shelf (not pictured) has a drawer that will undoubtedly become my junk drawer but for now contains my old bullet journals. Next to that is some more books, this time my favourites from teen/YA fiction. And also there’s another cactus.

And so concludes my office space tour. If you’d like to see me organising it all, check out the video below (click the image)!

office tour

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