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It’s been a while since I talked about my favourite things. I’ve done this post before, twice in fact, but I was looking back at it the other day and thought they were fairly outdated. I always love chatting about palettes, so… we find ourselves here.

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top 5 fave palettes - soph extra spice

I’m starting with a cheaper palette to ease you into this post. As much as I love my drugstore finds, I do now have to admit that my favourite higher-end formulas are just… better. Of course, there’s expensive palettes which are a load of rubbish (Urban Decay, I’m looking at you), but I’ve found that, on the whole, I do prefer a more pricey palette. That being said, the Revolution and Soph collab palette is still in my top five.

The formula is superior to other Revolution palettes, and the colour scheme is fun and interesting. My favourite shade is the silver; there’s always so much gold and champagne and bronze with Revolution, so it was refreshing to get a silver. This palette is just £10 and you can find it on Superdrug, RevolutionBeauty or BeautyBay. There’s free shipping if you spend £15 on the latter two sites, and if you’re a Superdrug member (which I recommend), it’s free shipping over £10.

top 5 fave palettes - tartelette toasted

A big leap in price now – this one’s £38. I have a referral link to Tarte which gives you a few quid off. The Tarte formula is a unique one; it’s soft and gentle rather than delivering a whole bunch of pigment and colour. The whole Tartelette collection is great for everyday use, as they’re quick and easy to blend and don’t overpower your eyes.

My personal favourite Tartelette is Toasted, mostly because it’s the least neutral one of the three. I do fully appreciate the other two and use them a lot (especially In Bloom), but Toasted just blends without any sort of effort and always looks beautiful. As I said, they’re soft and gentle palettes, so you don’t get a bright orange and reflective gold eye look, but more of a soft, blown-out, subtle shimmer kind of look. It’s great! If you’re in the UK and worrying about the customs and shipping, Tarte includes customs in the prices, so no red card through your door. Shipping is free over £40!

top 5 fave palettes - beauty bay evolve

The Beauty Bay formula is, in my opinion, highly underrated. The Colour Theory palettes were their first release and I ordered Evolve straight away due to the rosier tones in the more neutral shades paired with the green, blue and duochromes. I thought the shade range was unique and beautiful, plus there’s a massive 42 shades to choose from, meaning you could use it every day and not get the same look.

The shimmers in the Beauty Bay palettes aren’t as reflective and metallic as I’d usually prefer, but it makes up for it because the matte formula is one of the best I’ve tried for under £30. They blend fairly easily without muddying together. There’s three to collect; I have two of them, but Evolve is definitely my favourite. Find them on Beauty Bay for £25.

top 5 fave palettes - abh prism

I know this will be annoying to most, as Prism was part of the 2017 Holiday collection and therefore is a little more difficult to get hold of. I believe it’s still on the UK ABH site, but nowhere else online unless you accidentally buy a fake (only buy from ABH directly!). I found mine by chance in TK Maxx, so it does turn up from time-to-time, but will probably disappear forever soon.

The formula of this isn’t the best ABH palette formula (my favourite is Soft Glam), but it’s still excellent, as, well, it’s Anastasia formula. The thing I like most about Prism is the colour scheme. On the surface, it doesn’t work as a palette. A bright neon, some random blues, a Christmassy green… but somehow, it does. This palette is so fun and interesting! I love playing with it. The price (£43) is off-putting, but ABH palettes are always worth it to me.

top 5 fave palettes - jaclyn hill morphe

This palette was in the previous top 5, and it’s still my main bae. I don’t know how Jaclyn managed it, but this formula is just so much better than any other Morphe palette I’ve tried, even the James Charles palette. I was worried about spending the extra £14 on a Morphe palette when they’d disappointed me in the past, but it was 100% worth it, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The formula is just… indescribable.

The colour scheme is quite warm, despite the pops of blue and purple. There are some cooler toned mattes, but overall it’s a warm lover’s paradise. With this palette, I don’t feel the need to own any other warm neutral palette whatsoever. The mattes are a dream and the shimmers and intensely reflective. You can find it on LookFantastic for £37.

For swatches and eye looks for each of these palettes is in the video below! Subscribe if you haven’t already.

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