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I’ve been doing a monthly favourites video on my youtube channel since it started but not on the blog, which is strange… so I’ve decided November will be the start of a monthly hits and misses post! Basically I’m going to outline what stuff I liked this month and what stuff I didn’t. This is also up on youtube in more detail so make sure you check that out and subscribe – the video is at the bottom of this post!



Mini Notebooks

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I love a bit of stationary. These cute notebooks are so handy for writing blog post and youtube vid notes – like lists for hauls, title and tag ideas, etcetera. I’ve actually almost used up one of them already…

Animal Crossing 

I’ve loved AC since the first DS game came out and after AC New Leaf got an amiibo update I’ve been playing it non-stop. I also restarted AC Happy Home Designer as well! Anyone else play it? Gimme your Dream Addresses and I’ll stalk your town. I might even give out my friend code if you’re lucky…


I’m so late to the game. This month we got Netflix and we’ve already binge-watched SO MANY SHOWS. I’m halfway through the first series of Jessica Jones now.


Bit of a weird one. But I got 4 pompoms free from Superdrug and I love them. I want to get 3 more handbags just so I can use them all.

Primark Lipliner

These are being hyped about recently and OMG are they worth it. They’re so creamy and pigmented and they’re £1. Yep, ONE POUND. I have one in Brown and one in Vamp (which is a purpley colour).

Primark Lip Crayons

These matte lip crayons may not be transfer-proof but they feel really moisturising and do dry down matte. I have them in Brown and Hustle (a nude pinky brown) and for £2 you can’t go wrong. They’re so easy to apply – great for a quick application.

W7 Shade & Swap

This is a little pot with a cushion inside it. But it’s magic. It removes the powder from your brushes which is so handy if you don’t have many brushes or great for travelling if you only want to take a couple of brushes. It keeps your brushes clean between cleanses rather than having powder build up.

W7 Matte Top Coat

This does what it says on the tin – it’s a matte top coat for your lipsticks. It helps with transferring and longevity as well! This is great for those satin-finish lipsticks that you wish wouldn’t smudge everywhere.

PS High Definition Mascara 

I’ve raved about this mascara so much for the past month, but this £3 mascara is the BEST mascara I’ve ever used. My lashes are crap from not looking after them as a teen, but this helps them. I love it.

I Heart Makeup U R The Best Thing Palette

This was a random purchase to get an offer (I wanted that pompom!!!) but I’m so glad I chose this. I don’t have many cool toned palettes but this one is great. It has a tonne of pretty shimmers and some mattes as well (including a black!) and has a huge mirror. The palette is a realllllllly good size for travelling as well.

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette

Omg. If you haven’t seen my comparison of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar to this palette, GO WATCH IT NOW. Seriously. You won’t regret it. This palette is £8 but BOY DOES IT PACK SOME PIGMENT. Bloody hell. I won’t say anything else. You’ll have to watch the video. I linked it a couple of sentences back. Go, go, go!



W7 Honolulu Bronzer

Again, I’m gonna link you to a video because you need to SEE the effects this bronzer had on me. Luckily, the video is at the end of this post. It was awful, but I am going to give it another chance!

PS Metal Matte Lipstick 

I LOVED the swatch of these lipsticks. They’re absolutely gorgeous and smell delicious (bit weird, but still) but they flaked off my lips as soon as they dried and I can’t get them to stay on my face at all. I can’t deal with how bad they are!

W7 Beauty Sponge

This is obviously supposed to be a dupe for the Beauty Blender, but it was awful. The actual sponge was actually really good at applying my foundation, but it DISINTEGRATED when I tried to clean it. Um, not what I want. I’m disappointed but I just bought one by Royal and I’ll see if that’s any better.

That’s it for this month’s hits and misses! Check out the video below, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking HERE and I’ll see ya tomorrow.



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