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Before we fully delve into winter, I’d like to eke out the last of autumn and talk about lipsticks I love in my favourite season. Realistically, I wear all sorts of lipsticks throughout the year – if I want to wear a bright pink in the middle of winter, I will, and I could probably make excuses for each and every lip product in my collection about how they totally are autumnal. But there are certain colours I reach for more frequently and give me all the fall feels, and those are what I’m showcasing today.

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1. MySign x Revolution Lipgloss – Capricorn

favourite autumn lipstick favourite autumn lipstick

Starting off with an awkward one, considering this is actually discontinued. These glosses, however, are my favourite formula of gloss. I’m pretty sure I Heart Revolution have come out with a very similar shade, but I’m unsure on the formula, so buy at your own risk! The colour is a cool-toned light brown, which I don’t think I can get away with at any other point in the year without being asked at least twice whether I’ve eaten chocolate that day (the answer is yes, of course, but this is a lipgloss, Sharon). I tend to crack out the browns in autumn, possibly to match the crunchy leaves and syrup-laden lattes. Formula-wise, these glosses are pigmented, thick without being sticky and stay for a long while (until you eat more chocolate, anyway).

Buy the I Heart Revolution equivalent

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Budapest

favourite autumn lipstick favourite autumn lipstick

I have a feeling this lipstick was in last year’s autumn favourites, because I have had it a while. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of my favourite lip formulas of all time, which is saying something. They’re so unbelievably comfortable to wear, as they feel like literally nothing on the lips, but manage to have a good amount of pigment anyway. They’re not incredibly longwearing, but the demi-matte finish and the comfiness of them more than make up for it. The colour Budapest is a dark muted wine shade, which isn’t too purple nor too red, and just screams AUTUMN right in the face of, well, you.

Browse the range 

3. Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick – Chauffeur

favourite autumn lipstick

favourite autumn lipstick

I know for a fact that this lipstick was in my Spring 2017 lipstick favourites (because I’ve just checked), which means I’ve had this lipstick for about two years. Is that too long to keep a lipstick? Either way, I’m keeping it until it’s noticeably gone-off. I’m not even sorry. Anyway, this particular budget-friendly lipstick is a very true nude; not too warm and not too cool and that’s exactly what I need year-round. Some looks are just too wild for a bold lip, so this one will pair with anything. Perfect! This shade comes in satin and matte finishes and either one is good. I’m not fussy.

grab the satin finish

4. Stila Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick – Dolce

favourite autumn lipstick

favourite autumn lipstick

This particular shade is discontinued (sorry, sorry, sorry again) but I love it. It’s a warm caramel shade, which matches my caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I only have a mini version, which I know will run out soon enough, but look how autumnal it is! It’s practically the same colour as a leaf. The formula for the Stila lipsticks are incredible too; they’re thin so they’re easy to apply and when they dry down they don’t feel too drying on your lips, which is especially useful for the cooler weather when your skin is prone to drying out.

Pick up some other Stila lipsticks

5. Colourpop Lux Lipstick – LA Lady

favourite autumn lipstick favourite autumn lipstick

This is my newest lipstick purchase and I want to show it to the WORLD already. I’m not a huge fan of red lipstick, but this one is like a red lipstick and a nude had a baby and it grew up and was much more attractive than either of them, and the daddy lipstick wonders whether the mummy lipstick had an affair. Basically, it’s a muted nude-red, if that’s even such a thing. It lasts a good while and fades evenly when it does fade, so it’s a good’un for a day out. Colourpop have just started to include tax at checkout which means no annoying red card for UK customers, too!

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