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Beauty is subjective, as is our skin. Each month I share my hits and misses from the beauty world (well, from the makeup I’ve tried this month, anyway), but remember that everyone has different tastes and products work differently on everyone’s skin! What I like and dislike generally won’t be the same for what you like and dislike. Links may be affiliated!

May was the month I went on my honeymoon to Cyprus and so I spent a week wearing the same makeup every single day. It’s only when you wear makeup every evening in 25°C heat (I didn’t wear makeup during the 35°C days!!) that you know if you truly love a product or not. Luckily, my makeup stayed put all night and I’m chalking that down to my primer!


The Illamasqua Hydra Veil primer is a jelly-like consistency and is water-based, meaning it keeps your skin really hydrated. It’s pricey at £34 but worth every penny. This has been in my monthly Favourites before but I couldn’t not mention it this month. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the MUA Hydro Primer is £5 (£2.50 on offer currently!) and is very similar and works almost as well! I’ve been using it every day. Buy: ILLAMASQUA HYDRA VEIL 

Another holiday makeup item I loved is the I♥Revolution Bronze + Glow. The bronzer and highllight combo is gorgeous; the bronzer isn’t too dark for my pasty complexion and blends out like a dream, and the highlight, whilst being golden, isn’t too dark for me either. It’s a beautiful glow and paired together with the bronzer it looks amazing.


The Morphe 35N is a recent purchase from BeautyBay but I’m loving it already! The shade range is gorgeous and I particularly like the orange in the middle and the pale blue on the right. The palette is completely matte which is best for me – I use shimmer on the lid and inner corner but mattes everywhere else – and blends out nicely. It swatches really well too.

Something else from Morphe! I picked up three brushes this month; the B82, M510 and M142. I use the B82 for bronzing, M510 for highlight and the M142 for blush. I love how high quality they feel and how they apply powder to my skin. It disperses the pigment really evening and lightly – no clown cheeks or muddy streaks! Morphe brushes are pretty affordable too, so I’m definitely going to be getting some more.


Makeup Revolution is constantly in my Favourites, but that’s because I genuinely love a lot of their products. This is the Ultra Sculpt + Contour Kit in Ultra Fair, which consists of a bronzer, highlight and highlight. The bronzer is a great colour for me, similar to the Bronze + Glow, and the blush has a pink to gold shift which is gorgeous and perfect for summer. The highlight doesn’t look like it would be anything special but it definitely packs a punch, shining white gold in the light. It’s such a handy everyday or travel palette and they also have deeper shades for those of you who aren’t pale as me! Best yet, it’s only £3.50.

I’m really into blushes at the moment (if you haven’t read my haul post from this month, you should) and picked up a fair few in May. I especially like the W7 Honey Queen blush, which gives a subtle warmth to the skin without being bronze or pink; it’s difficult to explain! I also really like the W7 Candy Floss Skin Brightener, which is a really light pink that works well with my skintone and doesn’t make my cheeks look like Barbie’s but instead gives a subtle pale rosyness to the skin.


My brows often get overlooked in my Favourites, but I am really loving the Lottie London Arch Rival Brow pencil. It has a tiny auto pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other, much like the Micro Brow Pencil by Nyx, or the Precisely My Brow by Benefit. It allows for you to create natural-looking hairs and be very precise with application, and the spoolie is excellent – not scratchy at all. I got this for free on offer at Superdrug but it usually costs £6.45.

Real Techniques always does well with their tools and I finally managed to get my hands on their Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Miracle Cleansing Sponge and I love them both. The Complexion Sponge is so soft and blends in my foundation so well, whatever one I use. The Cleansing Sponge applies my facewash and rinses it off again with ease and doesn’t drip water everywhere like I had to suffer through before. They’re both a little pricey for sponges, at £5.99 each, but they really are the best ones on the high street, so well worth it. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Complexion Sponge, Olivia Hale (which has just launched in Home Bargains) does a beauty sponge the same colour which is very nearly as good.  

Now onto the makeup bits I didn’t enjoy as much.


First is the Makeup Revolution Contour Kit in Lightning Contour. It’s a cream palette with a contour shade, highlight strobe balm and a matte highlighting shade. I found that the contour pan doesn’t apply very easy and when you blend it out it disappears into nothing. I was disappointed because it was the whole reason I got the palette! The strobe balm seems nice at first, but it disrupts the foundation or concealer and makes the skin look very textured and just not pleasant to look at, especially once powder is put on top. The middle matte highlight shade is actually a great concealer colour for me as although it looks quite yellow, it swatches almost white. However it doesn’t provide any sort of coverage and also blends out into nothing. £3.50 wasted!

The LA Girl Pro Conceal is a classic favourite among YouTubers and bloggers, but I couldn’t get on with it! I have the Brightener (a white) and Porcelain. The Porcelain shade is darker than any concealer I’ve ever tried called ‘Porcelain’ or ‘Ivory’ and I’ve used it twice and the tube is half-empty! The Brightener is better, and useful for lightening up darker foundations or concealers but both concealers disrupt the foundation and powder and make it go very patchy and separate. It isn’t good at all!

The PS aerosol Fixing Spray is THE WORST fixing spray I’ve ever used. It comes out and feels like you’ve sprayed hairspray on your face – not in terms of stickyness but just the amount and the pressure that comes out. It hurts if it gets in your eye at full force and also moves the makeup around before setting it, so you end up with stuck-in-place dodgy makeup all day. Just bad all round.

Only three Worsts this month, which isn’t too bad, but still quite disappointing. Let me know if you enjoy my Favourites posts so I know to continue doing them! Also, tell me what your favourites and worsts are from this month in the comments.

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