• Reviews & Comparisons
    I mostly review drugstore makeup, predominantly Makeup Revolution and Freedom, but do have other reviews every so often!
  • Beauty
    All the makeup-related posts that aren’t specific reviews.
  • Blogging
    My tips and tricks for bloggers and/or youtubers!
  • Bullet Journaling
    I used to post a lot about my bullet journal – not so much anymore.
  • Challenges & Tags
    All the posts that I’ve been ‘tagged’ to do, or any challenges I’ve taken.
  • Hauls 
    I do a lot of Primark and makeup reviews, both big and small.
  • Home & Organisation
    Very occasionally I’ll post a home-y post, so it’s nice to have a category.
  • Monthly Favourites
    I do ‘favourites’ posts every month (mostly) – it’s everything I’ve been loving for the past 4-5 weeks!
  • MOTD/Tutorials
    If I’m running low on ideas, I’ll chuck in a MOTD or Makeup Tutorial to my blog’s mix to spice things up a bit.
  • Personal
    I do like to keep things personality-driven on the blog so some nice personal posts creep in now and then.
  • Planning
    Much like bullet journaling, I don’t share my planner much nowadays.
  • Popular Culture
    Very, very occasionally I’ll do something that fits in with today’s society or media.
  • Skincare
    I’d love to do more posts about skincare, because then maybe it would make me stick to a proper skincare routine…
  • Unboxing
    I love a good subscription box; I’m subscribed to at least one box at any time.
  • Miscellaneous
    All the posts that didn’t quite fit into other categories!