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This post was originally published on 21st December 2016 & edited on 12th December 2017!

Christmas, despite being the most wonderful time of the year, is stressful for many. The pressure of cooking, buying presents and seeing family members as well as the financial strain that encompasses all of the above can mean you’re spending the festive season with a headache instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself. Here’s my recipe for a perfectly Christmassy pamper evening to de-stress.

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Start off your evening by hopping into the bath. Light some candles, use your favourite bath products (maybe you still have some left from last Christmas?) and pop on some relaxing music, an episode of your favourite Netflix show or perhaps one of my YouTube videos…? If you don’t want to risk your electronics near the water, you could read a magazine or a book.

I never get tired of my kittens even when they're super naughty 😍

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Once you’ve dried off, wrap yourself up in the cosiest pyjamas you can find, grab a blanket if it’s extra chilly and settle down in front of the telly (cats optional). Chuck on the cheesiest Christmas film you can bear and treat yourself with your favourite snacks. How about a hot chocolate with marshmellows, popcorn or a selection box?

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Whilst indulging in some festive films and snacks, why not treat your skin with a face mask? It’s important to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months to prevent it from drying out so grab a moisturising sheet mask or a peel-off mask so you don’t have to get up to rinse it off. Whilst you wait for the mask to do its magic, you could paint your nails in festive colours (I’m going for green and gold), do some colouring or journaling, or simply relax.

Vlogmas in a nutshell – napping whilst my camera waits there patiently

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Finally, fill a hot water bottle and tuck it into fresh sheets so that your bed is extra toasty when you climb in. I always put mine where my feet will be – cold toes at night are not relaxing whatsoever – and you’ve got the perfect pampered evening.



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