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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so to celebrate the festive season I’m doing a giveaway! All the products can be seen in the images below (plus I’ll be putting some extras in there as well, including some Kat Von D minis) and the rules are simple: subscribe to me on YouTube! There’s a handy form to fill in where you can get extra entries by following me on other social medias. The giveaway is again on UK-based due to horrendous shipping costs and breakable contents, but I will do an international giveaway in the future, promise!

Watch the video below to find out more about each prize and to hear about my Christmas content on YouTube.

A note: please do not subscribe and enter the giveaway if you aren’t interested in my content/won’t watch my videos/will unsubscribe straight away – this giveaway is purely for my followers who support me as I want to give back and say thank you. It severely harms my channel to have people who are subscribed but never watch my videos!

Enter the competition below!

Christmas Giveaway!

Happy December, and good luck!


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