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Happy Valentine’s Day! I found this tag floating around the ‘net and thought it would be fun to answer, especially as I haven’t done a tag post in what seems like forever!

  1. What is your favourite Valentine’s Day treat?
    I would appreciate some Maltesers!
  2. Sweethearts or Chocolate-covered Strawberries?
    Strawbs, for sure. I actually really love fruit and would usually choose it over sweets.
  3. What’s your favourite Valentine’s Day memory?
    I’ve never done anything for Valentine’s Day except for in 2010, when I was with my first boyfriend and I was a young’un at 15 years old. It was the worst Valentine’s Day ever, so not exactly my favourite memory, but it’s the only memory I have! He cooked me frozen chips and scampi which tasted like pure lemon and then his dad showed up with a new motorbike and we spent 4 hours in a freezing cold garage, me in a cashmere jumper-dress watching them play bikes for a while instead of going to see a movie and going bowling. We were together for another 10 months after that though.
  4. What movie would you rather watch – Pretty Woman or You’ve Got Mail? 
    I’ve got Pretty Woman on DVD but I’ve never seen You’ve Got Mail, so I guess I’ll see if I like that one!
  5. What celebrity would you want as a Valentine?
    Rupert Grint or Tom Felton (sorry Chris).
  6. What would you do on your perfect Valentine’s date?
    I’d like to do something fun, like go to a theme park or water park. Those sorts of dates are always much more memorable and exciting.
  7. Red or pink lips on Valentine’s Day?
    Pinky-red, just to be awks. If you haven’t read my Valentine’s MOTD, you should. It was a couple of days ago!
  8. What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day outfit?
    You can go wrong with some simple heels, black skinnies and a nice top!
  9. Homemade or shop-bought gift?
    I like making my own gifts but if I’m going to get a present, it’ll probably be makeup. So… shop-bought.
  10. Hair up or hair down for date night?
    I always have my hair down. I look weird and moon-like with my hair up…

Let me know your Valentine’s day plans and feel free to do this tag and tell me if you did in the comments!


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