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the christmas tag

I did this in video over on my youtube channel and thought I’d share it with you guys as well. I tagged 20 other small youtubers in the video and I’m also going to be tagging any of you who want to do it as well. This tag is basically a mix of the usual Christmas Tag and the 12 Questions of Christmas tag.

  1. what’s your favourite christmas film?
    Love Actually. It’s cheesy and amazing. Chris hasn’t seen it yet but I’m going to MAKE HIM this year!
  2. have you ever had a white christmas?
    Not that I can remember! I lived too far south. But now we live up north we might get some snow.
  3. where do you spend christmas?
    With either my grandparents or my aunt, uncle and cousins (and my husband/parents too, ofc) – we alternate between christmas day and boxing day.
  4. what’s your favourite christmas song?
    I don’t really have a favourite but the one that I can think of is Britney Spears’ ‘My Only Wish This Year’ because it was stuck in my head for three years.
  5. do you open presents on christmas eve?
    Nope. What would be the point? It’s christmas DAY tomorrow.
  6. can you name all of santa’s reindeer?
    I tried this on camera and got to three (including Rudolph). So… nope!
  7. what holiday traditions are you looking forward to?
    I wouldn’t say we have any ‘traditions’. We have a routine, I guess. So it’s nice having the same routine for Christmas each year.
  8. is your tree real or fake?
    Fake. Too much hassle with a real one.
  9. what’s your favourite christmas treat?
    Snowballs – the alcoholic drink! A shot of Advocaat, a dash of lime cordial and some lemonade – finished with a glace cherry.
  10. do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?
    I prefer giving them when I’ve been creative with my presents and I’m excited for them to unwrap. I’m really struggling this year so I’m not looking forward to it!
  11. what’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
    Too difficult to answer. I’ve had some lovely gifts over the years!
  12. where would your dream christmas holiday be?
    I want to visit a Christmas market in Germany, and I also want to take my future children to Lapland to see Father Christmas.
  13. are you good at wrapping presents?
    I am! I’m quite neat when I want to be.
  14. what’s your most memorable christmas moment?
    Not my favourite but one of the most memorable Christmasses we had was in Florida.  It was so alien to us!
  15. when did you stop believing in father christmas?
    When I was around 9 or 10 – I was probably one of the last to stop believing.
  16. do you make resolutions and stick to them?
    I make them. But I sure as hell don’t stick to them.
  17. what makes christmas special? 
  18. what are your favourite christmas colours?
    Berries, Wines and GLITTER (of any colour).
  19. what’s your biggest christmas pet peeve?
    People who go shopping in the Boxing Day sales. CHILL THE F*CK OUT.
  20. do you plan ahead or procrastinate?
    Bit of both. I plan ahead and then procrastinate anyway.
  21. when do you put your tree up and take it down?
    We put it up mid-december and take it down either just before or just after NYE.
  22. what’s at the top of your tree?
    A star (once we’ve put it up)!
  23. do you decorate outside?
    No, so much effort and too much electricity.
  24. what’s on your wishlist this year?
    Makeup, more makeup and stuff to put makeup in.
  25. what’s a present you’ve asked for but never got?
    I know it makes me sound so spoiled but I’ve never not got something that I really did want. If it was a passing craze I’ve definitely missed out on some stuff but as an only child, I got a LOT of stuff. I’m #blessed. I mean, I’ve never asked for crazy stuff or expensive things so it’s not like my parents are rolling in ££££!

Let me know if you decide to do this tag! I love seeing tag answers. It’s a weird obsession.


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