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Ever since I was able to properly write and keep a journal (2002, I think), I’ve created a specific journal for summer holidays abroad. It wasn’t until this year that I realised they were basically adapted bullet journals. It’s easy to create and you don’t need to spend any/much money (which is probably a good thing, seeing as you just spent a lump on your holiday).

IMG_1600JPGFirst, as with any bullet journal, start with a contents/index page. I didn’t number my pages, but you could very easily, as the journal probably won’t be too thick. I just wanted to keep track of what I was doing. IMG_1601JPGThe first proper page is the important information I needed to know – flight numbers/times, reference numbers, passenger information, hotel information and insurance details, and  next is the checklist for the outbound journey. I love lists and I’m very paranoid about forgetting things so this is essential in my journal!

IMG_1602JPGI also created a schedule for the outbound trip too, because I wanted to make sure we were doing everything with plenty of time. No rushing = best way to go on holiday. I also have these two spreads for the inbound journey, too. I, of course, had a shopping list for holiday clothes and other bits and pieces that I included in the journal. I spent way too much in Primark on holiday stuff this year, but I was so pleased with all of my outfits so I’m glad I got some new clothes rather than stuck with last year’s.

On the next page is possibly a section you might call excessive,IMG_1603JPG but I plan out my outfits each day and evening for each day of the holiday. I do this so I can pack more efficiently and get ready quickly each day! I wore a different outfit each evening, then used that outfit for during the day at another point in the week so I took less clothes. I had a spare outfit in case I spilled any dinner down myself (it happened twice).

IMG_1604JPGOver the page I made a list of the makeup I wanted to take, followed by an entire packing checklist so I didn’t forget everything. I think this is probably one of the most important spreads, as it seems like everyone gets on holiday and realises they have forgotten a crucial item. By using a packing checklist, it decreases the chances of forgetting things, unless you forget to write it down in the first place…

Possibly the section that will be the most important in a few IMG_1606JPGyears time is my actual journal section. I have a page per day where I note down everything that happened, what I felt like, etcetera. It’s nice to look back on, as I have done before with my holiday diaries from the noughties! I also have a specific ‘memories’ page where I noted down the souvenirs bought and moments I wanted to remember.

IMG_1608JPGAs a vlogger, I made a note of all my vlog footage, ideas and plans in my spread, but you could use this space for other creative thinking (e.g. for a blog post!) or whatever you want to use it for. I also have a countdown – I was very excited – which I was using to track my weight loss and the days until the holiday.

Another checklist! This is for ‘when I get home’, as there’s IMG_1609JPGalways a long list of tasks to do after a holiday. I also had a list of eyeshadow looks for each day, because I was only taking one palette and I didn’t want to do the same thing each day! Finally I had a tonne of doodles and notes that you probably don’t need to see, including a room layout of our hotel room and pictures of the snakes.

More ideas for spreads in a holiday journal include: a diet plan, excursions info, hotel layout, room number and a map to get there, a ‘scrapbook’ of things like tickets, what food you eat, water tracker, suncream tracker (believe me, you do not want to burn and then peel), important hotel information like restaurant opening hours, or whatever you need!

If you’re going on holiday this month, let me know where you’re going!



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