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I stumbled upon a post by BohoBerry (a popular blogger) where she talks about her Level 10 Life and how she incorporates it into her Bullet Journal. I don’t know what a level 10 life is or where it came from, but I liked the idea of having different goals in different sections of my life.

My Level 10 Life has ten areas of focus with ten goals in each area:

1. Organisation
2. Family & Friends
3. Health & Fitness
4. Finances
5. Fun
6. Marriage
7. Home & Environment
8. Career
9. Personal Development
10. Learning

level 10.jpg

I have ten goals for each subheading, ranging from things I want to get done in the next month to things I want to accomplish in ten years time. My personal goals include: Start a savings account, go on a honeymoon, and lose three stone. Your goals and areas of focus can be anything that relates to you. They can be goals for this week, this year or this decade, or even just for before you die (like a bucket list).

quote for level 10 life.jpg

The whole premise for the Level 10 Life is that you want to be ‘level 10’ of each area of your life; the very best you can be. Using this mindset, I have a ‘Wheel of Life Assessment’ where I assess how I feel I’m doing in each area every few months. As you can see from the picture below, I still have many areas for improvement but as I complete goals, I can colour more sections in. The ultimate aim is to have all of the sections completely coloured in!


Having a list like this with my life goals helps me aim towards something every single day. I don’t feel ‘lost’ anymore, without direction, which is something I’ve struggled with since my school days. I know that my goals and aims will change as life changes but the beauty of this system means that goals can be changed easily – just cross it out and reassess yourself for the Wheel of Life.



  • I have been journaling since 1999. I’ve tried bullet journaling and let me tell you I could not grasp it. From the bullet journals that I have seen, it looks like it can be a great tool for orgnaization which is something that I can use. Thanks for the post. I may be tempted to try it again.

    • I just did it as a gut instinct – I asked myself the question and whatever my immediate reaction was I wrote down. If you can’t work it out that way, maybe think about what your goals are in each area and seeing how far you are away from it, and how many goals you’ve completed already! e.g. in marriage, my big goal was to be happy in marriage which I am 10/10 but then I also want to have a baby, get a house and have more date nights, so it goes down to 8/10 πŸ˜›

  • THIS IS AMAZING! πŸ˜€ I Love setting new goals, and expressing them in most creative ways. This is the best thing I have come across today. Thank you for making my day better with this post, I’ll sure try this as of tomorrow! πŸ˜€


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