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It’s the Christmas season and so my bullet journal is looking a teensy bit festive this month. Let’s have a peek inside at my December bullet journal setup…

I’ve got a title page with my goals on it (as per usual). Hopefully I can reach them all before the year’s end! (help me out by subscribing on youtube, following on instagram and of course following this blog). Opposite it is a month-at-a-glance where I transfer things from my future log and add in any activities I should keep a note of, like appointments, birthdays, etc.

Next is my master task list, which is just a list of everything I need to do this month that doesn’t have a specific deadline. For example, I need to submit my second assignment and start drafting my third. Opposite that is my ‘memories’ page but I felt like I didn’t keep up with that last month so I’m going to cover it up with a quote or something.

The next pages are schedules – instagram, blog and youtube! It helps to have a specific schedule so I always know what’s going up on what day and I’m never behind with my writing and filming. They’re pretty simple but that’s how I like them.

Next is my challenge space. In January I’m going to incorporate challenges into my weekly spread, but this month it has its own space.

Again, pretty basic spreads but the next two pages are my expenditure and my ‘what I bought’ list. As I do hauls every month, I like to keep track of everything I bought to make sure I don’t miss anything! The expenditure list is useful to see where we can save money.

And that’s it! I do have a ‘gifts received’ spread for christmas and also some notes about present ideas but I don’t want to share that in case the people I’m giving presents to read this post!

My bullet journal is really simple and I like it that way. I do have a confession, thought. From January, I will be bullet journaling in a happy planner. I have hardly any time anymore to draw out my weekly and monthly spreads, so I’m creating some of my own printables for things like my snakes’ info and my period tracker, but my weekly spreads will be already laid out for me. I will still use my bullet journal for other spreads though! Keep an eye out for the planner unboxing and flip-through as well as a more detailed post about how I use my planner!


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