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A new month, a new bullet journal! If you missed the previous post where I showed you my second bullet journal setup, make sure to check it out here.

You can buy the same notebook as me from Amazon for just under £14.

img_20160930_100435211First up is the little title page and monthly goals that I always do each month. This doodle was inspired by writeitonthewall so I can’t claim credit. On the opposite page is a month at-a-glance page where I put in appointments, things I need to do on certain days, birthdays, events, and so on. I find that this simple layout works best and feels cleaner and easier to see things.


My master task list hasn’t changed at all since the very first month! I put things in here that don’t have a specific deadline or day but aren’t goals. So I might put ‘read through book one’ as a task (uni life, eh?) or ‘clean out the gutters’. Simple, but useful. My memories page will have quotes, doodles and notes on it so I can remember what I did each day during the month (well, maybe not every day). I love the rainbow letters as well.

img_20160930_100445237Sneak preview of what’s coming up on the blog and instagram! These are my schedules for posting on instagram and what needs to be filmed, edited or written on each day. I’ve also included when I want to study and read as well, just so I don’t forget. Which I probably still will. I have a post schedule and edit schedule calendar on my wall next to my desk too.

img_20160930_100458130This is the third month of doing a budget like this and honestly it’s so useful to see where we’re spending our money and how much in total we’re spending each week, month or on a certain thing (like petrol). It means we can decide where we need to cut down and we can estimate our monthly outgoings easily (the insert is the anniversary themes so I don’t forget).


On the other side of the insert is my Halloween checklist so I can tick things off and see what else I need to get. There will be a post on November 1st showing off our costumes! I’m already excited for Halloween. The blank page next to it will be a list of things I buy with “pocket money” this month – basically the items which will be showcased in the monthly haul at the end of the month!

img_20160930_100510038This is my half-started study calendar for October. Not all the information has been released yet so I haven’t completed it, but I will do as the weeks go on. I went wrong so had to washi over it, but mistakes happen and life goes on! Opposite that is my first weekly spread, where I go over my weekly goals, ramble on a bit and plan out my meals. I also track my weight and followers!


Lastly, here is my semi-completed weekly spread. I started using a time tracker to make sure I was using my time wisely but I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do it. I don’t work well on a schedule! I’m trying to make my bullet journal more colourful and interesting this time but I’ll probably end up rushing through it eventually, when I don’t have time for fancy lettering and colouring in!



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