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The 1st of October 2016 saw a new bullet journal and the retirement of my first one. I loved using my first BuJo to track my entire life but it was getting rather full and definitely needed an upgrade.

You can get this exact notebook on Amazon (cheapest I have found in the UK)!

bullet journal

bullet journal indexThe Index is the same as always, except this time I’m grouping all of October (budget, master task list, weeklies, etc) as one entry. In my last bullet journal I listed them all as separate items and my index ended up being four pages long! I’ve almost filled a page already, but that’s because when I set up a new journal there’s always a lot of ‘must-haves’ that get put at the front.

bullet journal key

My key hasn’t really changed a bit since last time, but I’ve moved it further down the page so I can write a nice introduction in the gap. I’m not sure what I want to write yet! If anyone has any suggestions, comment below. If I can’t think of anything, I’ll probably just stick in a quote or write something once this journal is full about what I learnt about myself and about my bullet journal. You know, the usual!

bullet journal future log

The next spread is a calendar so I can see dates at-a-glance. I’ve kept this the same in both journals.. On the next page is all the birthdays and special occasions throughout the year. Last time I put them in my future planning spread but this bullet journal doesn’t have a future log – I’m just writing notes down in the back! I didn’t tend to do much future planning last time but maybe things will change…

bullet journal level 10 life

Again, my Level 10 Life spread is next, with all 100 of my goals! Some of the goals are the same, some are updated or changed where I’ve completed a goal already or something in my life has changed. I’ve also changed the tracker to a bar chart design – mostly because I can’t draw neat circles! I’ve had to make a flap for sections 9 and 10 as they didn’t fit on the page (you can find more about Level 10 Life here).

bullet journal pet tracker

My snake feeds chart was so useful in my previous bullet journal to keep track of when I fed the noodles and how they took the mouse so I’ve incorporated it in here as well. Sebastian gets fed every Monday now so he’s pretty easy to keep track of but Hazel is still being fed every 6 days so if I’m forgetful one week (which I usually am) I can check to see when she’s due a feed. It’s also useful if they skip a feed.

bullet journal pet tracker snakes

More snake spreads! I also had these in my previous bullet journal. The larger chart is for measurements and weight – I tend to do a measure every 3-5 weeks – and the smaller chart is for measuring and noting sheds. I also have a box for writing down when they get their vivariums cleaned and also a box for notes. It’s so useful, because I can see how much they’re growing and when they’re due a shed.

bullet journal period tracker savings trackerI talked about tracking periods in a bullet journal on a previous post and why I find it so useful so I won’t go into detail here (you’ll have to read the post!) but I use it every day and it’s honestly THE most useful spread I have in my journal. On the opposite page is a savings tracker. We’re trying to save for a honeymoon at the moment so the goal is for that. We didn’t actually save anything in the last journal! Woopsie.

bullet journal bills tracker wishlist

A little bit boring, but my Monthly Bills spread lets me see what date everything is coming out of the bank and how much it’ll be. We’re lucky that all of our bills are a set price unless we go over our data limit on our phones so we never have any nasty surprises at the end of the month. On the next page is just a simple wishlist for things I want for around the home with a little roof doodle that I love!

bullet journal wishlist wardrobe inventoryAs you can see, I’ve split my wishlist up into ‘home’ and ‘me’, just so I have a little more room. I’ll probably need more room for both eventually, but I think I’ll just insert a new page and washi-tape it in. My wardrobe inventory is blank at the moment because I know I’m bound to get some more autumn clothes and get rid of some other items, so I’m waiting for another month or so to fill it in.

bullet journal books to read

My ‘books to read’ spread is identical to my old one, but I’ve removed books that I’ve actually read! I haven’t included a key this time, but I will be colouring in the book once I’ve read it. Last time I was colouring in the book halfway when I was actually reading it but I think that’s too much effort… maybe I’m just lazy! It annoys me how much blank space there is there… but I’m determined to fill it.

bullet journal films to watchMy ‘DVDs and boxsets’ spread is basically the same as my ‘books to read’ spread. I’m a book, DVD and boxset hoarder so I can’t just borrow it, or watch it on Netflix – I have to have the physical thing. I just really like having a whole shelving system of books and DVDs.

bullet journal order tracker

My order tracker is the last thing on thislist. I found this page so handy in my old bullet journal, but I included it in each monthly setup. This time I’ve given it more room and put it at the beginning of the journal to find it easier. I tend to do 90% of my purchases online; it’s just so much easier and we hardly ever get a chance to pop down to the city centre for a proper shop (especially as we never have money!!)

You may have noticed I have washi tape down the sides of some pages – this is so I can find the pages I go to more frequently quickly. I have more bujo hacks that I’m sure I will share with you soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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