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It’s been approximately 6 months since I last had a bullet journal, temporarily converting to a Happy Planner instead. Although the Happy Planner was meant to last the entire year, I found myself not using it and pining for my old ‘pen and paper’ style of planning. There’s something simplistic and satisfying about drawing out a weekly spread, or using a dot grid to draw out a table. It feels wholeheartedly less impersonal than a planner, which you just fill in with scrawled notes and to-do lists. I tried to personalise it with different ways of using it, but nothing was quite ‘right’. It didn’t help that I couldn’t afford to buy planner stickers each month; the plainness of my planner turned me off the whole idea.

So I decided that July, halfway through the year (I know, 2017 is going quick), was going to be the start of a new Bullet Journal. I would go back to how I originally started planning and I would love it as much as I did then.

But my life has completely changed to when I first started. My days can no longer be spent working on my BuJo; I have blog posts to write, videos to edit and all the admin and behind-the-scenes work that goes with it. I’m not finding my journal to be as useful as it once was. At first I thought the problem lay with my artistic talent. My spreads aren’t as beautiful as the ones I saw on Pinterest. Even the ones I attempted to recreate didn’t look the same. I grew frustrated at myself and yearned for a beautiful journal, and perfect pens and supplies.

But I did some thinking and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t my talent (well, it was, partially) – it was my personality. I’m a perfectionist but I’m also impatient. I rushed my setup and therefore I’m not happy with it. But even if I had taken my time and found the perfect ideas to draw out in my journal, I wouldn’t be happy, as that’s just who I am. As annoying as that is, I’ve accepted it and will try and continue my Bullet Journal without getting too annoyed to go on.

So, after all of that rambling, here’s my setup for my 3rd proper Bullet Journal.

As you can see, I have unfinished spreads (my TV and Films to watch collections are heartbreakingly empty and my Books to read list is nonexistent), messy spreads, cover-ups, smudges and general untidiness. I haven’t got a set weekly spread yet, so I’m not happy with that either. Is a bullet journal a metaphor for your life? If so, mine’s pretty accurate – looks pretty okay from far away, but I’m not happy with most of it and it’s a mess when you look closely. I do, however, like my Key page.

One day maybe I’ll be one of those Bullet Journal witches who have perfect handwriting and beautiful stationary to make their journals look bewitching, but for now, this is me. Unapologetically.



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