Bullet Journaling


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I’ve been bullet journaling for a year now (or 15 years, if you count my pre-bujo holiday ‘diaries’ I used to create each summer as a kid/teen) and I have learnt quite a bit from my time in the community. If you’d like to watch my have a chat about bullet journaling then you can head over to my youtube channel. Video is at the bottom of this post or subscribe by clicking here!

  • Start simple!
    Watch the original video and read the website (it’s bulletjournal.com, btw) and start there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with pinterest and instagram and the beautiful bujo’s on there, but don’t go crazy when you begin. Start simple and build it up as you need to!
  • Figure out what you need
    You might see lots of trackers and spreads, but don’t do it for the sake of it – decide what you actually need to plan and track and stick with that.
  • Don’t compare your journal
    Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse. Don’t compare your journal to anyone else’s. It’s a very personal planning tool and everyone’s will be different! As long as it’s working for you, it’s doing its job. Also, don’t worry about pens and paper and stationary – it doesn’t matter if you spend £2 or £200 on your tools, as long as it gets the job done, it’s fine!
  • Experiment
    Try lots of different ways to track, plan and use your bullet journal until you find the perfect ways! You’ll never find your planner peace until you try new things.
  • Join groups
    There are so many facebook groups that focus on bullet journaling. There’s generic ones, like Bullet Journal Uncensored, or Bullet Journal Society, or niche ones like Bullet Journal Bloggers. Join a few and stay in the ones that you enjoy most. There’s always someone to answer your questions, get inspiration from or make friends with.

That’s all the advice I can think of for now. Have a look around the bullet journaling category on my blog for more inspo and tips if you want to know more, or check out my bullet journaling playlist on youtube!