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9 simple bullet journal hacks

It feels like ages since I’ve written a bullet journal post. I was requested to do this one by someone on Facebook! As usual, this is in video format on my youtube channel, which you can find HERE  – it will be going up on the 19th!


If you don’t want to fork out an extra few quid for a pen loop? Use this simple trick to store your pen with your planner! You don’t need to buy anything new, all you need is a journal with an elastic band that holds it together (like the leuchtturm1917 or moleskines).


Nope, not how I do my eyebrows. This saves space in your index! Instead of writing each entry in your index, only put the FIRST of that spread on your contents page. Then, when you do a second one (like an updated capsule wardrobe, or a second wishlist), simply write a note of the page number in the corner of the first one. It sounds more complicated than it is.

sticky tabs.jpg

I feel like everyone has these dot stickers somewhere. If you don’t, they’re less than £1 in supermarkets. Instead of bigger (and more expensive) tabs that can get bent in handbags, why not stick two dot stickers back-to-back to mark a page? I marked each weekly spread in my first bullet journal. You could also fold over washi tape for the same effect.


washi tape markers.jpg

I like to have my go-to pages easily accessible so by putting a strip of washi on the edges of important spreads I can see them easier!

future plannign.jpg

Instead of creating a spread for future planning and either running out of room or having too much room (so much wasted space) why not print off some calendars and washi them in at the back of your journal? You can use the calendars to future plan like normal but then take them out when you don’t need them anymore. It means you get a few extra pages in the back when you get there. Check out the before and after! (well, after and then before… because wordpress wanted to put them in the wrong order)

fold out key.png

If you have a key, a colour coding system or other signifiers that you refer to frequently, you could create a fold-out at the front or back of your journal so you can see the key wherever you are in your notebook without having to flip-through the whole thing. Just secure in tape with washi tape or glue.

shopping list.jpg

If you want to include your shopping lists (either for groceries or for a retail therapy trip) in your bullet journal but don’t want to waste a whole page a week, why not create a shopping list spread and use a post-it (or washi in some paper) for the actual list? That way you can still have it in your bullet journal but you can just take the list rather than your whole notebook when you go to Tesco. It saves pages!


If you have a few loose notes and want to put them in your journal, you can create a pocket by using a pritt stick and some card or paper. Just bent 3 sides up by 1cm and glue onto the bullet journal page. I keep tattoo ideas in mine!

Remember to check out my youtube channel which is linked in the intro to this post!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know if you have any more hacks!


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