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Following on from my very successful Bullet Journal Hacks video and blog post, here’s some planner hacks!


  • use paper and glue to create ‘stickers’ – there are so many free printables (or inexpensive ones on etsy and other sites) that you can cut out and stick down in your planner with a pritt stick, the same way you’d use stickers. No need to spend loads of £££ each month on pretty stickers!
  • make pockets out of paper – fold some thick paper or card into a pocket and stick it in your planner to store loose pages, stickers, receipts, and so on!


  • write things in order – this may seem like common sense to some, but if you write your to-do list in the order you need to do them, you won’t miss anything out. Some planners have time-slots to write your to-dos in anyway, so this tip is for blank planners!


  • highlight instead of ticking/crossing out – if you highlight your completed tasks you can see incomplete tasks easier at a glance rather than if you ticked them, plus if you ever need to go back and see what the task was or when you completed it, you can still read what it says if you’ve highlighted rather than crossed off.


  • create a key – a key is usually found in a bullet journal, but it could be useful to create task-specific icons for your to-do lists too, so you can easily see what type of task it is, or whether it’s been migrated or cancelled.


  • create tabs or bookmarks – create easy tabs with washi tape, ribbon, stickers, paper and glue, or whatever else you can think of to easily find pages.


  • create your own planner – planners can be pricey, so make your own using printable inserts (free or inexpensive, or make your own!) and an empty filofax-type binder. You could also put inserts into a planner for extra pages, or use an empty blank notebook and draw out the spreads! I made my own Blog Planner.

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